Master Lyudmyla Stepanchuk: I will pass on my deep professional knowledge and wisdom of my mentors to the young, growing generation

17 серпня 2019 року

Every thing brings up: people, things, phenomena, but above all, people.
Of these, parents and teachers come first.
Anton Makarenko

This is how the year has passed since I first crossed the threshold of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and mastered the specialty “Pedagogy of Higher School”. By the way, my name is Lyudmyla Stepanchuk, I am a teacher of natural sciences at the Zolotonisskyi College of Veterinary Medicine.


When I study here, I pass on the knowledge I teach to the students I teach. It is difficult to reach modern youth. In order to convey the material, I apply the knowledge I have gained at the Department of Pedagog

y. Students are all new - everything is interesting. Accordingly, their interest in the study of disciplines increases, the level of knowledge not only in theory but also in practice, the culture of personal and moral behavior in society, the education of their economy, hard work and cleanliness, kindness and compassion for everything that surrounds them. And for me, as a teacher, the greatest pleasure is when the children are free to learn the material, when observing them in educational practices, you see how they successfully combine and effectively apply their knowledge to the lectures.
Studying at NULES of Ukraine, First I got new impressions in pedagogy, met interesting, talented people who represent our country abroad, found new, wonderful friends. It is here that I have received deep specialist knowledge and the wisdom of my mentors that I will pass on to the young, growing generation, for which I am gratefully grateful!

Their fellow teachers pass on a lot of their invaluable experience to their students, which is why the atmosphere at the Department of Pedagogy is friendly and comfortable - you feel at home here. Therefore, as a future graduate of the Magister OS, I would like to express my gratitude to the University, the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics, as well as to every teacher of the department who, during their studies, invested their soul and gave us a piece of knowledge that we will carry throughout our lives!

Lyudmyla Stepanchuk,
Master's Degree in Educational, Pedagogical Sciences
("Pedagogy of high school")


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