Campus: comfortable living is not the last thing

15 серпня 2019 року
     Ask a student what is important for him/her during an academic year. And often you would hear comfortable living conditions in the mandatory list, along with quality training. With this in mind, the Rectorate constantly cares for their improvement. The creative team of the official site visited the hostels in Lomonosova Street.

     The dormitory # 6 the newly repaired women's shower glitters with tiles and nickel. According to the contractors, the public areas will be ready by August 24.

     External work is ongoing. The 5th hostel is perhaps the only university facility that has yet to repair its roof. For the last five years, so many roofs of buildings and dormitories have been covered at the university that their area can be counted not in square meters, but in acres! Finally, the businessmen reached out to the 5th hostel. In total, 1460 square meters of roof will be covered here, says the Vice-rector for educational, scientific-production issues and administrative-economic activity Valeriy Ishchenko.


Iryna Bilous

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