Appointment of the Head of Faculty (Institute): legislative changes

14 серпня 2019 року
On August 9, this year, the Law of Ukraine “On Professional Higher Education” came into force, which amended Article 43 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” regarding the appointment and dismissal of the head of the faculty (educational and scientific institute)..


     From now on, a simple majority (that is, more than 50 percent of the votes attending the general meeting (conference) of the labor collective) agrees to the appointment of the head of the faculty (institute) as a rector. The Rector enters into a 5-year contract with the Dean (Director).
     The same rule applies to the appointment and dismissal of the head of a territorially separated structural unit of a higher education institution or college within the structure of NULES of Ukraine.

     The corresponding changes in the procedure of the meeting will be made in the University Procedure of the competition for the replacement of the positions of the Dean of the faculty, the director of the institute, and the head of a separate unit.


Mykola Mykhailichenko,
Head of Human Resources

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