Future translator Sophia Salnyk: My story with NUBIP began in the ninth grade

13 серпня 2019 року

Graduate student from the city of Hrebinka, Poltava region, Sofia Salnyk, having a competition score of 197.25, selected the specialty “Philology. German Language and Second Foreign Language ”at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine as her first priority. Let's get acquainted with Sofia in more detail.


My story with NUBIP began in the ninth grade. My best friend Anastasia Balamut, who also entered our university and several classmates, came to us for an Open Day. At the time, we did not fully understand what a good university should be and what we should look for here, but when we visited NUBIP we knew for sure that this institution should be one of our top priorities. Pleasant teachers, active student life, the opportunity for international internships and further employment and career advancement - all of this "bribed" us. In addition, my brother wanted to come here, so it would be easier for me to look after him and my mom to look after us both.

I chose the profession of translator long ago. It is very interesting for me to study, to learn something new about other peoples and their cultures, and the best way to truly understand a particular nation, to adopt the way of thinking of its representatives and to become part of this small society in part is to learn their language. In addition, this year we have gone on a tour to Vienna and Budapest with almost the same company as the ninth-grade open-door company. Having visited abroad, we again became convinced that we would go nowhere without a foreign language.

But it was much harder to decide what language I want to translate. If my girlfriend Nastia immediately decided that she would study German, then I hesitated until the last moment, more precisely until a recent meeting with Vasyl Dmytrovych Shynkaruk and Svitlana Mykolaivna Amelina. They convinced us of the prospect of learning German, and we could not help but be pleased with the opportunity to work with such professionals.

I understand that translator is a complex profession that requires a lot of hard effort and hard work that cannot be mastered in a few years of studying at the university, because in order to be a really good translator, you need to learn and acquire new knowledge throughout your life.

But this is really what I and my girlfriend want to do and what we want to succeed. And I think NUBIP will help us in this!

Sofia Salnyk,
first year student of Philology specialty

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