Yana Bogdanovich - prize-winner of the II stage of the Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers on the specialty "Management of investment and innovation activity"

6 травня 2019 року

  The Kyiv National University of Technology and Design hosted the Ukrainian contest for student research papers in the field of Management of Investment and Innovation Activity.
   To participate in the competition were submitted 76 scientific works from 89 authors, who came from 35 higher education institutions. The competition was held in two stages: correspondence - review of student's scientific papers and the final - a final scientific-practical conference on the protection of scientific works. As a result of the review, a rating list of scientific works was formed, and the authors of 20 papers were invited to the final conference.

     Bogdanovich Yana, a student of the 2nd year of the specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance," was represented by the NULES of Ukraine with the topic "Financial Provision of Innovative Development of Enterprises", which was executed under the direction of the Head of the Department of Finance, Doctor of Economics, Professor Davydenko N.M.


Yana Bogdanovich adequately presented the results of the work, the commission highly appreciated the relevance and depth of the research, as well as presenting author's work and proposals. This work aroused lively interest and a number of issues in the jury of the competition, and Yana thoroughly answered all the questions that arose during the discussion.

   Yana Bogdanovich was awarded with a diploma of ІІІ degree for winning the second round of the Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers on the specialty "Investment and Innovation Management", and N. Davydenko was awarded a diploma for leading the scientific work of the winner of the II round.

Z. Titenko

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