Legendary Mark Ginzburg on innovative technologies in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence during an exclusive lecture for NUBiP students

1 квітня 2019 року

 At the invitation of Dean of the Mechanical and Technological Faculty, Professor Yaroslav MykhailovychMark Ginzburg visited the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Mark Ginzburg is a famous Ukrainian-American billionaire, a member of the innovation team of Sir Richard Branson, a businessman who for the first time in the world sold real estate via smart contracts on the blockchain using cryptocurrency and a big supporter of the development of robotics and artificial intelligence in Ukraine.

      Vice-Rector for Educational Activities, Academician Serhiy Kvasha met the honorary guest and acquainted him with the university. The meeting moderator was Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Linguistic CommunicationVeronika Chekalyuk.
    The lecture delivered by Mark Ginzburg was attended by the students of the Mechanical and Technological Faculty, the Faculty of Information Technologies, the Faculty of Design and Engineering, and the Education and Research Institute of EnergeticsAutomation and Energy Efficiency.

     Mr. Ginzburg presented a professional point of view on innovative technologies in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence and possibility of their development in Ukraine. The lecturer shared his secret of success and much more. The conversation lasted for almost three hours. Students asked a lot of questions and eagerly discussed artificial intelligence and Sofia the robot, which Mark Ginzburgpresented in Ukraine in October 2018. What is more, Memorandum on cooperation in the field of robotics between the Ukrainian Government and HongKong Angel Invest company was signed.



     Mark Ginzburg highly evaluated the competency level of NUBiP students and expressed his hope for continuing such meetings in the future.

Roman Vovk


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