"The UN sustainable development goals. Global biodiversity and environmental changes"

21 грудня 2018 року

The department of Romance and Germanic Languages and Translation and the department of Foreign Linguistics and Translation hosted the meeting of David Ligouy with faculty members and linguistics students November 28. David Ligouy is travelling around the world on his weird bike, advocating a peace movement and the environmental protection.

Those present discussed global aims of the sustainable development which had been approved by OUN. Students learned that there are 17 aims, among them there are poverty reduction, hunger, healthy lifestyle, quality education, gender equality.


Our guest’s solarbike interested students. It does not harm the environment, takes less space than a regular car but, unfortunately, it is not suitable for Ukrainian climate and roads.

David showed his PAIX flag. He is collecting signatures and wishes from people. Students of our Alma Mater also signed the flag.

David’s next stop is Katowice (Poland). This city will host OUN annual conference. Participants will discuss climate changes. We wish our guest good luck and inspirations in his actions.

Olha Budnik,
a Linguistic student in the 3rd year




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