Воркшоп Розвиток біоенергетичного бізнесу та інвестицій в Україні

22 листопада 2018 року
м. Київ


Date: 22 November 2018 (Thursday), 9:00 – 17:00

Organizers: Partners for International Business project: Biobased Energy Ukraine, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) and Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio).

Goal: Exchange of expertise to formulate bankable projects for PIB members and their Ukraine counterparts through a crash course business development for bankable projects together with examples by PIB members to show the potential of their technologies.

The Dutch Partners for International Business project on Biobased Energy in Ukraine work with a set of partners from industry and research to highlight the potential of technologies and knowledge from the Netherlands to support the energy independence of Ukraine. Feasibility studies have been carried out and ideas about potential projects have been exchanged and developed into plans, proposals and first contracts. See: www.biobased-ukraine.nl

The conversion technologies require bankable projects for implementation in Ukraine. This essentially means that projects need to guarantee feedstock availability, quality and price, the offtake of the products (heat, electricity, fuels, etc) and last but not least reliable cost effective conversion technologies.

The development of such bankable projects requires skill, creativity and perseverance from project developers. In the workshop we will include a crash course business development for bankable projects together with examples by PIB members to show the potential of their technologies.

The scope of the Workshop:

  1. Heating projects
    > To create energy independence the Ukraine government introduced the law to support renewable heating and biomass heating, through heating grids in municipalities fits very well in this scheme.
  2. Power projects 
    > The green tariff for electricity from solar, wind and energy was introduced and the program is managed by NERC and creates income for the producers of electricity from biomass.
  3. Biofuel projects
    > With the forthcoming blending obligation for biodiesel and biogasoline (ethanol) Ukraine is looking for investments in local biofuel production and is interested to attract foreign investors.
  4. Biomass production and value chain projects
    > Enabling the collection of residues from forests and agriculture, energy crops, as well the conversion to intermediates, like pellets, torrefied pellets or pyrolysis oils is crucial to create a market for biobased commodities.

The Program of the Workshop:

1. Flash course Business Development: 
2. Market supporting instruments: 
3. Financing biobased project
4. The projects
5. Matchmaking and Proposal development
6. Review of proposals by financers
7. Closure

>>Registration<< (in Ukrainian)

Target audience: companies planning the introduction of a bioenergy facility and interested in becoming familiar with Dutch technologies and financing opportunities.

Ivan Rogovskii

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