Future interpreters partake in an intensive course of the German language in University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

18 вересня 2018 року

     August 13 is the start of a two-week summer intensive course of the German language in Pardubice (Czech Republic). An international group from Czech Republic, Spain, Belarus, and Ukraine gathered together to improve their German. Nataliia Zakaluzhna, a third-year-of -study student of PhilGE-16001b, and Anna Kostenko, a second-year-of-study student of PhilGE-17001b, represented our alma mater there.

     The days were busy. Classes were from 9am till 4pm, and sometimes till 6pm. On the first day course participants saw the university and a philosophical college where classes took place. One of the tasks was to see Pardubice. Czech students were helpful and showed us interesting places of this city.

     The intensive course of the German language included «Translation»«The fundamentals of literature»«The specialized language of tourism», seminars in lexicology and intercultural links, and a lot of language activities to develop our communication skills. We obtained new theoretical knowledge and did small projects. Additionally, all participants were able to train their synchronous interpretation skills. We liked this activity. It inspired us to develop professionally.
     At the end of the first week international students together with Yan Chapek visited Prague and saw beautiful and memorable places there. We also visited «Gingerbread House», a museum of gingerbread which is located near Hrad Kunětická hora, not far from Pardubice. This town is famous all over Czech Republic because people there make these delicacies.

     On the last day both international and Czech students got certificates of completion. Summer Intensive Course of the German Language covered 80 hours. We were also presented souvenirs with the symbol of University of Pardubice. We got new knowledge, improved our German and made new friends.

     We thank Svitlana Amelina, head of the department of foreign linguistics and translation and Vasyl Shynkaruk, dean of Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy for giving us this opportunity of attending this course in Czech Republic. We are also grateful to faculty staff of University of Pardubice for interesting classes.

Nataliia Zakaluzhna, 
a third-year-of-study student of specialty Linguistics
Yulia Buharova, 
a first-years-of-study student of specialty Journalism 


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