Students from Cameroon are learning German at NUBiP

10 жовтня 2018 року

Faculty of the Humanity and Pedagogy has enrolled some international first-year-of-study students who came to NUBiP of Ukraine to learn the German language. These countries are well-known and not, such as Algeria, Cameroon, and Pakistan. Of course, we are interested to know how people live and study there. Our students from Cameroon, Donald and Anael told us about traditions, politics, lifestyle, animals, and leisure time of their home country.  

We learned that the name of their country in Portuguese means river of shrimps. First European explorers were so surprised to see so much shellfish that they named a new state to honor it.

Cameroon is unique because after you have visited it you will get an impression that you have travelled throughout all Africa. There are humid equatorial forests in the south and half-deserts in the north.



Linguists have learned that people of Cameroon speak hundreds of different languages and dialects (more than 250). That is why it is easier for people of neighboring regions use English or French to communicate than their native one. Just over 40% of the population of Cameroon still believe in gods of their ancestors, worship animals, and respect the forces of Nature. It is clear that they speak neither English nor French.


Much time was paid to the topic Food. It is a favorite topic of students’! The most popular Cameroon desserts are banana under sauce and cake from batata. Donald and Anael promised to cook some national dishes. We will also cook some Ukrainian dishes for them.

This event was interesting, informative and fun. 


After classes we went on an excursion to monastery Holosiivska pustyn. We gained unforgettable impressions. German

In our group there are also students from Algeria. So, we are looking forward to hearing interesting facts about this African country.

Nadiia Chuprakova, 
a first-year-of-study student of Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy
Inna Kononchuk,
an assistant professor of the department of foreign linguistics and translation

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