NUBiP of Ukraine’s collection: Oleksandra Parhomenko took the third medal at 2018 championship in Amateur Radio Direction Finding

20 вересня 2018 року


Oleksandra Parhomenko won another medal for NUBiP of Ukraine on the last day of the championship in Korea. Oleksandra is a post-graduate student of Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy, Ukraine’s Merited Master of Sports in ARDF. There competed more than 300 sportsmen from 40 countries of the world.

On the first two days, Oleksandra won one silver medal and one bronze one. The task was to locate a radio transmitter at radio frequencies on 80 meter radio bands.

Sprint events took place on the third day. Oleksandra was only the twelfth there, because of high competition among athlete of elite W21. However, Mariana Marynchenko, Oleksandra’s teammate, was the third in these events.

 The last day competition was the hardest and the most interesting in ARDF, i.e. the location of radio transmitters at 144 MHz radio frequency. This frequency is considered to be the most difficult because radio waves are mirrored due to natural obstacles, especially in mountains, here in Korea.

However, Oleksandra succeeded to win a medal in the personal score of the World Champioship, as she did in 2016 World Championship and 2017 European Championship. It testifies her world highest class.

None of sportsmen, but Oleksandra finishes after an hour running with many obstacles in the mountains with such a bright smile.

After giving birth to a daughter, every start for Oleksandra is the joy of hard but pleasant work. It is because of appropriate physical and psychological training. One of the events of this competition was held in Polish Carpathian Mountains and Czech Tatra Mountains. There, Oleksandra, together with her sister, Halyna ran to the mountains with a height of more than 2 thousand meters.

We congratulate our sportsman with this performance. Overall, this is Oleksandra’s twelfth medal at world championship in Amateur Radio Direction Funding in categories for the young and for the adult; these are three golden medals, three silver ones, and six bronze ones.

Ukraine’s team at the 19th championship in ARDF, Korea, 2018:


We wish Oleksandra Parhomenko successful starts at oncoming events! Oleksandra’s plans for the future are to partake in marathon of 42 km and 195 m in Warsaw in the beginning of October, semi-marathon in Dnipro, Ukraine’s championship in bicycle direction and many others.


You can find technical results and photos here


Viacheslav Parhomenko,
assistant professor of Physical Education Department, this sportsman instructor

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