Specialty «Pedagogy of higher school»

24 травня 2018 року

Specialty «Pedagogy of higher school»


If you want to become a highly qualified teacher of a higher education institution in the future, then join the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine.

The department of Pedagogy of the faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy of the university invites entrants, graduates with Bachelor degree to the educational and professional program of training specialists of qualification degree "Master" in specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences", specialization "Pedagogy of higher school". 


The specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences" ("Pedagogy of higher school") is a special one- and-a half-year educational program which enables graduates to teach special disciplines in various educational institutions, in particular higher education institutions (there are 803 of them in Ukraine). The specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences" makes it possible to develop, on the one hand, professional competence in your field, and on the other hand – to become a teacher-tutor. The fact that the full-time and part-time training of specialists is mainly funded by the state budget is the undoubtable advantage of this specialty. 

After getting the specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences" in specialization "Pedagogy of higher school" a graduate gets Master’ degree and obtains the qualification of a teacher of a higher education institution. 

Studying at NULES of Ukraine, students have the opportunity to receive a pedagogical profession, as well as realize their creative abilities. In particular, after obtaining a qualification degree "Master", the graduates of the specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences" have the opportunity to continue their postgraduate study and dissertation research to obtain a PhD degree. 

In accordance with the Rules of admission the entrance examinations for the specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences", specialization "Pedagogy of Higher School" are conducted in the form of testing in the complex of disciplines on the humanities and foreign languages.



Admission of documents for full-time study begins in July 2018, part-time study - the third decade of July 2018. In NULES Ukraine during the admission campaign there are training courses and counselling centers at the admissions commission to assist applicants with the entrance examinations and filing application forms.


Entrants submit the following documents:


  • an application form;
  • a document about the educational qualification level obtained and annex to it (the original and a copy);
  • 4 color photographs ( 3 x 4 cm);
  • photocopy of the identification number certificate;
  • Copy of a passport (1, 2 pages and place of registration).


All copies of documents submitted for the entrance to NULES of Ukraine are certified according to the originals by the admissions committee. Copies of documents without originals are not considered.


Passport of a citizen of the country and other documents confirming the right to entrance are presented in person.

Studying at the faculty is carried out on full-time base and by correspondence at the expense of the state budget and under the terms of the contract.

The term of full-time study on the basis of QL "Bachelor" is one and a half year, part-time - 2 years; QL "Specialist" and "Master" part-time - one and a half year. Most graduates can improve their professional qualifications doing post-graduate course, internships abroad, participation in international projects.


The most talented entrants will become our students and will learn the following disciplines during the study:


  • legislative base of the educational institution;
  • history of pedagogy and the development of higher education in foreign countries;
  • organization of educational work in institutions of higher education;
  • pedagogical technologies;
  • the principles of pedagogical proficiency and ethics of a teacher of higher education;
  • the principles of scientific research in pedagogy;
  • pedagogy;
  • introduction into the specialty;
  • theory and methods of vocational training;
  • methods of teaching the cycle of professional disciplines, etc. 



After graduation our graduates can hold the following positions: 

  • assistant;
  • teacher of special disciplines (according to the basic training) in higher educational institutions (colleges, institutes, academies, universities);
  • researcher;
  • civil servant. 

Work at:


  • higher educational institutions;
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • Ministries and central executive bodies of Ukraine that supervise educational institutions;
  • state accreditation commissions;
  • local bodies of state executive power and local self-government bodies and subordinate bodies of education management;
  • research institutions.

 Booklet " Pedagogy of Higher School" 2018, the front  and reverse pages

·         Video about speciality:

  Additional detailed information can be obtained at the department of Pedagogy of the National University of Life and environmental sciences of Ukraine at the address: Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony st., 15, educational building № 3, room 111 or by phone: (044) 527-83-55.

  • Head of the department Ruslan V. Sopivnyk, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor (tel.: 050-702-70-42);
  • Coordinator Lesia M. Matsenko, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of Pedagogy (tel. 067-775-34-64, 093-142-41-19).

·         Details about the admission to NULES of Ukraine is in section: for an entrant on the official site of the university.  

·          We are looking forward to seeing you!

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