Join and learn successfully! Specialty: 035 Philology (translation included), first German

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Specialty 035 Philology (translation included), first German

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035 Philology


German language

Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Anyone who does not know foreign languages knows nothing about his native language.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

        German is one of five the most widely spoken languages of the world. It is owned by about 120 million citizens from different countries.
        It is the official language of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg; partly the official language in Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Romania. 32% of European Union citizens can speak German. German is the language of national minorities in 33 countries of the world.

The German language is the language of J.-V. Goethe, J.-P. Schiller, Grimm brothers, G. Heine, T. Mann, G. Grace.

 The Federal Republic of Germany is the leader in the number of firms that have their own representative offices or branches in Ukraine. The year 2017 was announced in Ukraine as the "Year of the German Language", which indicates the expansion of cooperation between Ukraine and the German-speaking countries and the growth of demand for specialists who speaks the German language. Only experts in the German language can successfully lead Ukraine into the European space.

English language


English conquered the world as it did not succeed in any language in the history of humanity in the wake of globalization and the development of modern technology.  

Researchers argue that 80% of the information is stored in the Internet world exactly in this language, and its volume doubles every 18 months.

 English is the language of intercultural communication in a globalized world, because regardless of who you are: a Ukrainian, an Italian, an Indian or a German, you will all be together in English. Being in English means the same thing as being able to use a computer, a mobile phone and drive a car.

Today, English is the language of the global economy and the global business environment. More than 90% of world-renowned journals are published in English. 

English is the language of famous writers and poets: W. Shakespeare, JG Byron, R. Burns, C. Dickens, A. Christie and many others.

Polish language

         The Polish language is a language of the people who hasnt got independence for 125 years and, therefore, , it gave the world disparate people in all fields of knowledge in a long struggle for the right to be a nation. 

The lights of the Polish romanticism - Adam Mickiewicz and the seven Nobel laureates, "The Brother of Our God" - 264th Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) - this far-incomplete list of renowned speakers of the Polish language. 

French language

         French is the language of unsurpassed literary masterpieces by world-famous writers Guy de Maupassant, O. Dumas, J. Verne, O. de Balzac. 


The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation

The department of Foreign Philology and Translation is a part of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy and is being graduated in specialty "Philology", providing training for specialists in the educational degrees of Bachelor and Master. The advantages of obtaining a profession of translator at the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy are obtaining a double diploma, internship abroad, passing the practice in different institutions.

We carry out the training of specialists who specialize in oral and written translation of agrarian and general vocabulary, technology translation, translation of business communication and correspondence, aspect translation of agrarian literature. The department provides educational services in the specialty "Philology. Germanic languages, including translation (German-Ukrainian translation) ".

Qualitative training of specialists takes place thanks to an experienced faculty staff, a modern material and technical base, and a wide application of the latest information technologies. Classes are held in classrooms and laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment.

The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation offers entrants to choose the modern and prestigious profession of a philologist-translator at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine!

We can get the professional training of European translator and be competitive in Ukraine and abroad. Languages German erases borders between countries and removes language barriers.

Our students acquire extensive professional and specialized knowledge and skills that are used by international companies, diplomatic representations of Germany, higher education institutions, representations of foreign media.

 The philologist's diploma opens the door to all spheres of public life, where not only humanitarian education is required, but intelligence, internal culture and sociability. The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy - is a high level of teaching of linguistic, literary, methodological disciplines; possibility of acquiring methodical and practical skills; fruitful research work, atmosphere of creativity and search. 






− mastering a promising specialty;

− obtaining profound professional, informational, and legal knowledge;

− obtaining a double diploma (NUBiP of Ukraine and a foreign higher education institution);

− obtaining several qualifications;

− in-depth study of foreign languages;

− opportunity to study for a shorter term;

− possibility to study at the military department;

− possibility to engage in scientific work;

− the chance to realize their organizational skills and creativity in the body of the students government;

ability to continue studying abroad;

− the prospect of employment in institutions of all forms of ownership;

− obtaining an international certificate in a foreign language.


scientific library;

access to the Internet;


medical center;

canteen, cafeteria;


sports in various sections, participation in sports competitions;

participation in circles, collectives, studios and clubs: vocal, choreographic, musical, theatrical, artistic;

Botanical Garden;

Regular tours in Ukraine and abroad.


More information about our faculty can be found at the link:, and you can watch our video.

Address: Ukraine, 03041, Kyiv, 15 Heroyv Oborony Str.,

educational building 3, room 101. Tel.: Telephone, Telefax: (044) 527-80-83, [email protected]

If you want to become a competitive expert in English, German, French and Polish, work in prominent European and Ukrainian corporations or build a career in the field of education, ENTER TO OUR FACULTY.

We will help to realize your dreams and aspirations, to become the elite of a new generation of Ukrainians!

With the help of our highly qualified teachers, you will become an outstanding specialist in Romance-Germanic, Polish philology and translation, will be able to take an overseas internship (the UK, the USA, Germany, Poland, China, etc.), to receive prestigious high-paying work.

Training takes place on public order and the conditions of the contract. 

Term of study

Master Degree

full-time education: - the educational and professional

program - 1,5 years;

educational and scientific program - 2 years;

extramural education: - educational-professional

program - 1,5 years;

Bachelor Degree

Full-time education  – 4 роки;

extramural education – 5 років;




Applicants to "Bachelor’s Degree" submit the following documents:

– application for entry;

– document on education and annex;

– 6 color photos size 3x4 cm;

– a copy of the ID;

– a copy of the identification numbers;

– certificates of foreign language (Ukrainian language and literature (first subject); English or German language (second profile subject); history of Ukraine / mathematics / biology / geography / chemistry (third subject of choice);

Applicants to "Master’s Degree" submit the following documents:

– application for entry;

– document on education and annex;

– 5 color photos size 3x4 cm;

– a copy of the ID;

– a copy of the identification numbers;




Address of the admission committee:

03040 Kyiv, Henerala Rodimtseva Str. 19



Further details can be obtained

directly at the department of foreign philology and translation:

Kyiv, Henerala Rodimtseva Str. 19, educational building № 1, room 21:


German language

Coordinator: Olkhovskaya Natalia Semenivna


Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Amelina Svitlana Mykolaivna

Е-mail: [email protected] 


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