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2 квітня 2018 року


You are beginning an independent life when the information rules the world, and people who have knowledge and creative abilities succeed in life.

You want to be successful - choose a prestigious and extremely interesting profession of a journalist! You will receive a solid professional training as a journalist being able to compete in the modern dynamic media environment both in Ukraine and abroad.

It is especially important that you receive advanced special knowledge about the modern agrarian industry which promotes Ukrainian agriculture. Is means that you have a great future as a journalist, and your success and victories in the current competitive world depends on you only.

The educational and professional program is focused on training of a qualified journalist who has both general professional as well as special knowledge and skills, who is capable to work in an international context and contribute to the formation of a positive image of the state in the international information space.

We train specialists who understand the peculiarities of modern economic processes, agrarian discourse, general problems of the development of agrarian sector and agrarian policy in Ukraine and in the world.
High quality training of specialists is ensured by the experienced faculty staff, the up-to-date material and technical base, wide use of the latest information technologies.

You can use the media center, photo studio, scientific and practical journal, radio and television studio "NUBiP-PRES". Here students can create their own media "pilot project", start practical work while doing the first year of study.

Having received professional knowledge in the field of journalism, graduates of the University can be employed in mass media agencies: newspapers, magazines, TV and radio companies, Internet publications, press and news agencies, press centers, public relations services, and they can occupy the following positions:

 journalist;
 correspondent;
 presenter of a programme;
 viewer;
 commentator;

If you are energetic and sociable, creative, take a principled stand, enjoy communicating with people, have active public position and are ready to work hard to raise the image of Ukraine in the international information world –

In NULES of Ukraine we provide training for "Bachelor" degree in journalism on the basis of the state budget order and by contract. (Order of MES № 111 л on 26.05.2017).
Form of training: full-time, part-time.
Terms of training: full-time – 4 years, part-time – 5 years.

Entrants in specialty "Journalism" submit the following documents:
 application form;
 document about education and annex to it;
 6 color photographs (3x4 cm);
 copy of the passport;
 a copy of the identification code certificate;
Certificates of EIA in the Ukrainian language and literature (compulsory), history of Ukraine (obligatory), foreign language or mathematics (optional).

To the attention of the entrants in the specialty "Journalism":

Future journalists!

According to the Rules of admission to the National University of Life and Environmental sciences of Ukraine, submitting the creative task is obligatory for participation in the contest in the specialty 061 - "Journalism".
The components of the creative task are: creative work or an interview.
There is also a rating enrollment without writing creative work or interviewing.
To participate in creative contest you have to send an application and your creative work on the email [email protected].

An Application Form and the requirements to the creative work
Creative contest for entrants in the speciality «Journalism» at the Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy is conducted from February, 1st to July, 26th, 2018. It includes a few stages.

The schedule of the sessions

Creative work can be written in the following genres: reasoning, portrait, essay, interview, report, sketch, article. Applicants will be introduced in advance to the list of topics related to culture, public life, politics, and those that model professional competence.

The list of topics and the requirements of the creative work

The results of the applicant's creative work are reported by telephone or e-mailed to him/her.
Interviews are conducted orally.
the entrants will be invited to take part in workshops to get prepared for an interview.
The creative work of the entrant (reasoning, portrait, essay, interview, report, sketch) - materials that were publicized in printed, electronic and online media. Versatile and prose literary and artistic works and publications in social networks are not accepted for consideration. All materials are put into one paper folder with ties and signed:
Ivanna Ivanivna Ivanchenko
Creative works are submitted in person on the identified day according to the schedule.
The creative tasks are assessed on a 100-points scale. The lowest positive score is 51.

Assessment criteria

The results of the creative task are announced and posted on the sites of the Admissions Committee and faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy.
Contacts tel: 044-527-80-84

Address to submit creative tasks: the faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony Str., 15, academic building 3, room 101.

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