The analytical laboratory using the AGMEMOD model is opened at the Department of Global Economics

1 лютого 2018 року

  From today the analytical laboratory AGMEMOD will start working at the Department of Global Economics, Faculty of Economics of university.
It became possible thanks to collaboration with German-Ukrainian Agri-political Dialogue and the support of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany.

  Modeling the future development of Ukrainian agrarian sector on the basis of scenarios of topical political decisions - this is the task of AGMEMOD model, which today we pass on ceremoniously to our partners from NUBiP, said the leader of the German-Ukrainian Agri-political Dialogue Volker Zassa. It is used by the European Commission to analyze the Common Agricultural Policy and the development of the agro-food market and is based on the use of the model of partial market equilibrium.

  By this way AGMEMOD helps to make the right policy decisions. On behalf of the rector of the university, Stanislav Nikolayenko, the project participants were greeted by the vice-rector of educational and scientific work Sergey Kvasha, who noted the uniqueness of such cooperation.And today we are witnessing real and positive changes that will bring the use of AGMEMOD capabilities in Ukraine, he said.

  With the help of AGMEMOD, we can not, of course, foresee the future, said the representative of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture of Germany Stefan Güber.
But, of course, we can make a fairly accurate forecast on the basis of economic and mathematical analysis.
  The author of the project, Maria Bogomas, noted that to model agricultural policy is not easy, so it is twice as pleasant that NUBiP has for this resource that allows it to do it competently. For scientists, there is one more plus model - is a good base for the publication of scientific programs and articles in international editions. 

  On the initiative of Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Anatoly Dibrova, there was started an introductory, and then an in-depth course with AGMEMOD, that was very effective.His graduates can already work with this model by their own, so, the process of its transfer has gone.
Of course, this is a great achievement those postgraduates and faculty members who have shown exceptional performance and today thay have received deserved certificates - Valery Selivestr, Marina Pavlenko, Anna Yakimovskaya, Irina Cheban and Alla Chmil.


  From now on, a lot of depends on these talented young scientists who have learned to work with AGMEMOD and can promote the model further, Anatoly Dibrova emphasized.The department of the global economy has already created the analytical laboratory AGMEMOD.

  We expect that on this basis we will prepare not only students and graduate students, but also, together with the Institute of Postgraduate Education, we will improve the skills of lecturers from other higher educational institutions and government employees in this area. Нe stressed the point, that Department of Global Economics will prepare own vision for the development of agro-politics, will form own models. He thanked to the German partners for their fruitful cooperation. As a logical completion of the presentation became a solemn opening of analytical laboratory on the Department of Global Economics, using the AGMEMOD model: Maria Bogonos and Volker Zassa presented a symbolic CD, which recorded the program AGMEMOD.

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