The philosophy of international relations: students and faculty staff of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy are at Egidius Vareikis lecture

28 вересня 2017 року

The chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Europe, the speaker of the Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, a member of the Lithuanian Parliament, lecturer of the University of Vytautas the Great, a specialist on national and international security, political problems in the post-Soviet countries, a successful diplomat Egidius Vareikis.

     Egidius Vareikis conducted a lecture «The confrontation of civilizations in the 21st century» for students of specialty “International relations” and faculty staff of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy. The lecture covered different issues such as political, social and cultural issues, the historical existence of the world, aspects of inter civilization interactions, possibilities of futurist foresight and the study of the future mankind.



    The lecturer spoke about philosophical set expressions such as «the doom of history», «multiculturalism», «democracy», «national identity», «globalisation» etc. Our Lithuanian guest spoke about Ukraine’s integration into European Union, European structures of safety and cooperation, diplomatic possibilities of tackling relationship problems between states.


     The audience got greatly interested in this lecture, they actively discussed the issue and asked a lot of questions. The lecturer answered the questions frankly and accurately. The topics raised by the lecturer are interesting for future diplomats.

     The event was organized by the department of philosophy and the department of history and political sciences.

Savytska І.М., Kultenko V.P.
associate professors of the department of philosophy


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