Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy develops cooperation with Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

26 травня 2017 року

 On 16 May, 2017 the delegation representing three subdivisions of NULES of Ukraine, including the dean of the Faculty of Information Technologies prof. Olena Glazunova, the Head of the Centre for Professional Personnel Development prof. Nataliia Demeshkant, the Head of the Department of Social Pedagogy and IT in Education prof. Lesia Victorova and two lecturers from the Department of English Philology – assistant prof. Tetiana Pasternak and Liudmyla Dankevych paid an official visit to Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS). 

On the first day of the visit the delegation had a meeting with the vice-rector for Student Affairs and Education prof. Jozef Sowinski and took part in the international seminar “Improving the quality of education and development of language competence of students and the teaching staff”. 

The delegation also had a meeting with Krzysztof Kafarski, the Head of International Office of WUELS who recommended the EU programmes for Ukrainian and Polish partner-universities to apply for. 

During their stay, T. Pasternak and L. Dankevych had a meeting with the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages Eva Haidasz and attended the English lessons for bachelor students held by Marta Zieba, as well as a Spanish lesson held by Agatha Sikora. During the after-class discussion the teachers exchanged experiences. 


The English teacher Ann McCann, Tetiana Pasternak and Liudmyla Dankevych gave binary English lesson for Master students “The views and values of contemporary youth”.


After the multimedia presentations made by three master students of Biotechnology Faculty on the topics of genetics, the Ukrainian teachers involved the class into an interesting activity by suggesting some challenging questions to answer, discuss or comment. It is worth mentioning that the Polish students showed well-developed critical thinking abilities.

On the second day, the delegation paid a visit to the Institute of English Studies of Wroclaw University (the Faculty of Letters) and met with the Head for Research and Development Dr. Katarzyna Sowka-Pietraszhewska who was greatly impressed by the e-learning English courses demonstrated by Eva Haidasz and Tetiana Pasternak. She expressed sincere interest in future cooperation with philological departments of NULES of Ukraine.

Of no less importance was the participation of T. Pasternak and L. Dankevych in the workshops organized by Eva Haidasz for the teaching staff of the Centre “The use of computer programs for technical translation and creation of personal multimedia teaching resources”.

It was also interesting to attend the meeting of the Discussion Club organized by the Department of Foreign Languages for students and teachers. This time it was a lecture in English by a university professor and researcher in Medicine on the topic “Addressing obesity: causes and solutions” for veterinary students.

In conclusion, the delegation discussed some strategic issues of cooperation between the departments of both universities as well as the action plan for the nearest future: the program of a return visit of two teachers from WUELS to NULES of Ukraine; the possibility of participation in international and inter-university research projects, creating a joint platform for development and implementation of e-learning courses for students as well as other groups of foreign language learners, particularly disabled people and the third-age education groups; made up a draft Program of the IV International Conference “Digital Education in Agricultural Universities” which is to take place in NULES on 24-26 October 2017; carried out a survey to identify students’ needs and expectations from e-learning foreign languages courses.

Liudmyla Dankevych 


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