"Year of German language in Ukraine"

18 березня 2017 року

In the framework of the program proclaimed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko "Year of German language in Ukraine" the department of foreign philology and translation  organized a meeting of students-philologists with a representative of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine Ms. Silke Gurras-Kowantschi. This event was attended by the Dean of the faculty Vasyl Shynkaruk, head of the Department of foreign philology and translation prof. Svitlana Amelina. The leading theme of the meeting was the life of youth in both countries. The students asked the honoured guest questions about the life of German youth, family traditions, education and leisure of young people in Germany. The conversation was conducted in German, and first-year student Elena Kovalchuk tried herself as an interpreter, and she performed this function perfectly. In turn, the representative of the German Embassy asked students about their choice of professions, the influence of parents on their decision, their interests. Our students also organized a cultural program, they recited poems by German poets, presented their own translations of German poetry, sang German songs. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere with traditional Ukrainian bread on ‘rushnyk’. The representative of the German Embassy presented to the department dozens of German book, brochures, informational flyers to be used in the educational process. The guest noted the good level of knowledge of future translators from the German language and expressed a desire to meet with our students again. Such meetings enrich and develop relationship of students with the representatives of those countries whose language is taught at the faculty. Students got a wonderul opportunity to improve their skills, acquire new knowledge, and strengthen friendly German-Ukrainian relations towards Association "Ukraine –  the European Union".



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