The Student of Faculty of Economics Volodymyr Kozakevych: “I hope to become a successful with two professional specialties”

14 березня 2017 року

February 5, 2017

Volodymyr Kozakevych is studying at the Faculty of Economics. He’s a fifth year student of the specialty "Applied Economics". And he chose this profession not once: last year he graduated from the Mechanical and Technological Faculty of NULES of Ukraine. Our talking is about these changes and learning at the new specialty.

Why has decided to change your specialty?

At the end of Mechanical and Technological Faculty in 2016, I was offered a choice - to continue studding in such field or choose another that may be more in popular at the labor market. I didn’t want to leave the NULES, which has become my native university for four years. So, I went to the Master's programs Department of the University, where received information about the all programs. The Faculty of Economics was been my choice, where, among other advantages, were studding many beautiful and clever girls. But seriously, with two specialties I hope to become a successful in finding high-paying job and take a promising position. A study at the Faculty of Economics is really interesting. We study the modeling program in economics, agrarian policy, global economy, regulation of agricultural markets.

What are difficulties during the studding?

There is a fear in overcoming new challenges and tasks, heaviness in the perception a lot of information. But I am sure that the difficulties (if in reasonable quantities, of course) are good. I like my group and classes, conducting teachers of the Department of Global Economics. I think it made the right choice, because the study is really cool and I see good prospects. So when I’ll ask for advice about choosing by future graduates of the university, I’ll implicitly answer: the best choice is NULES of Ukraine and specialty "Applied Economics". I am convinced, they will be as satisfied with their choice, as I do.

The talking was recorded by Violeta Heraymovych and Lesia Sokol

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