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16 лютого 2017 року

      Rector of Pomorska Akademia (Slupsk, Poland) doctor of biological sciences, professor Zbignev Osadovskyi and coordinator of academic programs “Double Diploma” visited National University of Life and Environmental sciences of Ukraine.



     The visit started with the meeting of two rectors. They discussed the results of two-year cooperation between two higher educational establishments and perspectives of its further developments in the domains of science and management. Currently more than 130 students have studied and trained at Pomorska Akademia. Since 2016 11 students have been studying “Ecology” there undergoing the project of “Double diplomas”. February, 17 65 students are leaving for Poland to study “Social work”, “Ecology” and “Philology”.






     In March and in April two joint International scientific and practical conferences will take place in NUBIP of Ukraine. Faculty staff and students from Polish establishment will participate in these conferences. Rectors also considered the development of joint programs for “Management” and “Economy” (Pomorska Akademia introduced these two specialties this year), some organizational issues particularly the determiners which impact the level of financing educational process in Poland such as a number of students, postgraduate and doctorate students, professors and associate professors, a number of international projects, and academic grants, international contracts about academic mobility and of course index-factor of the faculty staff).



     Later rector of Pomorska Akademia met dean of Faculty of Humaities and Pedagogy Vasyl Shynkaruk. V. Shynkaruk highlighted the necessity and importance of further cooperation between Ukraine and Republic of Poland in education and science. The role of Poland in the external policy of Ukraine is valuable as both countries have common and tight cultural and economic ties.  



     Later Sbignew met dean of Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology Mykola Dolia. The issue of introducing new specialties such as Bachelor’s degree in “Biotechnology” and Master’s degree in “Ecology” at Pomorska Akademia was brought into open. Rector of Akademia told that European Union granted Pomorska Akademia to reconstruct Akademia and establish 16 new laboratories for training specialits in “Ecology” “Environmental Protection” and “Biotechnology”.



     Students of NUBIP of Ukraine will stand the opportunity to obtain a high quality European education and learn about history and culture of Poland. Ukrainian students play an important part in the development of Polish higher education and at the same time obtained at Pomorska Akademia experience will enable Ukrainian students to make Ukraine better.

Svitlana Kharchenko,
scientific secretary of Faculty of humanities and Pedagogy
Yulia Rybalko,
vice dean of Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnologies and Ecology 

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