Separated Subdivision NULESU «Irpin Economic College»

Material and Technical Resources

The college has 4 buildings (3 educational, 1 educational-economic), a hostel, a sports ground, a boiler house and other buildings, which are located on a land plot of 1.93 hectares at the address Kyiv region, Irpin, Haharina st, 9
There are 15 computer training laboratories, 18 multimedia classrooms for lectures, Publishing Center, Methodological room, Conference room are equipped for the educational process.
Educational buildings, library, and dining room access to the Internet is provided on the basis of wireless technologies Wi Fi (only 11 access points).
The college has created conditions for the implementation of information and communication technology training.Two  interactive whiteboards are used in the educational process, which allow work with electronic teaching and learning complex of disciplines, pedagogical software tools that provide a large number and high quality of illustrative materials (drawings, graphics, maps, diagrams, photographs, video clips, sound series, interactive models , simulators, 2D-, 3D animations), which contributes to the high level of learning efficiency.
The social infrastructure of the college fully meets the requirements and needs of all participants in the educational process. The assembly hall with an area of ​​280 seats allows for mass general college educational activities. There are 2 museums - college history and "Ukrainian Chamber" (ethnographic museum) in the building № 2.
The college has created appropriate conditions for physical education and sports. The college has gyms, a sports ground, a racetrack.
         The 5-storey hostel for 360 places fully satisfies the needs of non-resident students' housing.
To provide medical care for students, there is a medical centre. The  college also has a dining room with 160 seats.


Across the college, in educational buildings and in the hostel,, 28 cameras of external and internal video surveillance are installed, a security service works with  equipped workplace.

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