Separated Subdivision NULESU «Irpin Economic College»

Educational Activities

The most important task of the educational process in college is the comprehensive development of the individual, the formation of active life position of a youth, a complex of motivations for their further intensive development and comprehensive self-expression.
SS of NULES of Ukraine "Irpin  Economic College" has its own traditions, an established system of organization outside the classroom work, conducte by a pedagogical team involving student self-government bodies, student trade union committee, parental committee.
The college created and develops a modern material base for conducting outside classroom and leisure work with student youth: assembly hall, choreography classes and vocals with modern lighting and sound equipment, a museum of educational institutions and two museum rooms of the ethnographic trend "Ukrainian Chamber".
There are 5 collectives of artistic amateur in the college: 3 dance ensembles, pop and vocal ensembles, a literary circle, a group of drummers "Lytavry", who are numerous diplomas and winners of the festival "Holosiivska Vesna", all-Ukrainian and international art festivals.
Traditionally, there are such events as dedications of first-year students to students, contests-presentations of talents among the groups of the first course, folklore and sports festival "Cossack fun", rallies-requisites in memory of the deceased Hero ATO, teacher of the college Ilgar Bagirov and graduate Sergey Lantushenko, who died in Afghanistan, exhibitions-competitions of student works "Easter Ukraine", photo competitions "The World of My Hobbies", intellectual competitions "College’s Student", "Brain-Ring", exhibition contests "Irpin Autumn", competition on dance aerobics "Healthy Youth -  Healthy Future "," Beauty of College ", competition of posters and walls" Youth choose life ", meetings with Veterans of the ATO and World War II, meetings of graduates of past years, scientific and practical conferences, meetings with prominent figures of science, culture and art , sports, volunteer and charity events.
There are circles and clubs of interest in the college: “Banker”, “Expert”, “Young Entrepreneur”, “Accountant”, “Consumer”, Literary Circle, Mathematics Circle, Historical Circle, “Renaissance” Club.
The members of the "Renaissance" club held evenings and literary and artistic meetings with the participation of prominent personalities of Ukraine: L. Kravchuk, M. Lukiv, E. Nyshchuk, P. Movchan, J. Bodnaruk, S. Mirvody, N. Shelepnytska, A. Dmitruk and others.
The educational institution has its own symbols: the coat of arms, the flag, the anthem "The Star of Youth", to the words of M. Lukiv, music. O. Bourmitsky.
There are sports clubs for volleyball, basketball, football, track and field athletics, table tennis, chess and checkers, athletic gymnastics and aerobics.
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