Department of Geoinformatics and Aerospace Research of the Earth

Cultural and educational work

Educational work with students is one of the priority directions of the NPP. The teachers of the department, along with educational and scientific activities, are also mentors of academic groups.
Teachers not only constantly communicate with students of trusted groups, regularly spend educational hours and visit dormitories, but also travel!
During the years of operation of the department, many interesting events took place.
Most memorable were visits to performances in theaters.
Chernivtsi impressed with its architecture - there are practically no new buildings in the central part. The city council is hidden behind the trees, and next to it is a small square.
The trip to the Carpathians was the most memorable!
A trip through the Probiy waterfall in Yaremche and a walk in Bukovel
All around fabulous landscapes, enchanting beauty and crystal clear air...
On the way to the foot of the highest mountain of Ukraine, the Zhenetskii Huk waterfall is a single-cascade beauty, surrounded by extraordinary landscapes of the Gorgan mountains.
Rising side by side, students of the faculty of land management and teachers of the department of geoinformatics and aerospace studies of the Earth helped each other to overcome all obstacles.
From time to time, fabulous landscapes hid in the clouds and emerged again. Despite all the weather conditions, the NPP together with the students conquered Mount Hoverla!
Trips unite student groups, allow them to better understand each other (both students and teachers).
And already the annual Easter card design master class has interested not only students, but also employees.
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