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 International activity of the Faculty of Economics 

The Faculty of Economics is actively developing an international research and educational partnership with representatives of the scientific community and higher education institutions of the world.

The staff of the faculty takes part in international educational and research projects of EU programs on scientific mobility, research and innovation. A successful example of this is the implemented international educational project Erasmus + / TOPAS From theoretical-oriented to practical education in agrarian studies” during 2017-2021, the Faculty of Economics of NULES of Ukraine became a participant in the project on a number of 9 universities from 7 countries (Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Armenia). This project focused on the introduction of practice-oriented non-frontal education in the training of agricultural specialists and the improvement of professionally-oriented practical training programs.

The Faculty of Economics supports and participates in long-term and short-term internship programs for teachers, researchers, graduate students and students in partner universities under UNESCO (EU), "Erasmus +", International Internship in Economics Program (University of Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”, Burgas, Bulgaria) and a number of others programs.

Extensive international contacts with educational and scientific institutions of the USA, the European Union and the Visegrad Four create preconditions for the participation of scientific and pedagogical staff of the Faculty of Economics in holding international events, conferences and increasing the number of international publications in publications, included in the international scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science.

Postgraduate students and students of the Faculty of Economics are also active participants in international educational and research activities through participation in international projects, research events and internships. In addition, students have the opportunity to undergo internships in leading European countries, which provide a good experience of practical work in agriculture, provide an opportunity to get acquainted with new technologies, improve the level of knowledge of foreign languages, get acquainted with new countries.






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