Запрошуємо на онлайн-стажування від Фундації знань та освіти для агробізнесу

20 квітня 2024 року
International online training for academic staff
Foundation Knowledge and Education for Agribusiness
delivered by experts of Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW
(120 hours, 4 ECTS) 22 April – 14 June 2024
Warsaw, Poland
Scientific and educational staff of higher educational institutions, research personnel from scientific institutions, doctoral candidates, and postgraduates who have or are obtaining education in the field of natural sciences are invited to participate in the internship
Training will be delivered via Zoom.
Training covers:
1.       Main sources of funds for research and projects in Poland and Europe.
2.       Before you start ...
o   Competition documentation and formal requirements of programs
o   Application evaluation criteria
o   Procedures of applications
o   Building a project team
3.       Preparation of the substantive part of the application
o   Target and scope of research
o   Review of the state of knowledge and contribution to a given field
o   Division of tasks and work packages
o   Impact of the project
o   Deliverables/Milestones
4.       Preparation of technical parts and formal correctness of the application
o   Project risk management
o   Data management plan
o   Ethical issues
o   Plan of dissemination and stakeholders' dialogue
o   Project time flow  - Gantt charts /Pert diagrams
5.       Costs in projects and preparing project budgets
6.       Grant opportunities for Ukrainian scientists;
7.       Project management in practice – workshop.
After the completion of the training, participants will receive the certificates - 120 hours (4 ECTS).
Fee – EUR 50 for NULES, Ukraine staff, reduced fee EUR 20 for Fellows of Polish Committee for UNESCO.
After the completion of registration, you will receive further instructions and schedule of the training
Deadline for registration -  19 April 2024.

If you have any questions - [email protected] 

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