International cooperation in action: Ukrainian-Italian partnership of NULES of Ukraine with the Bari University named after Aldo Moro

1 листопада 2023 року


 An integral part of the activity of NULES of Ukraine is its active international cooperation and strengthening of partnerships with foreign universities. One of the areas of close cooperation is the implementation of joint projects and the exchange of experience. Recently, within the framework of a partnership agreement on cooperation, a university delegation consisting of an academician Volodymyr Bulhakov, dean of the faculty of construction and design ofNULES of Ukraine Zinoviy Ruzhylo, dean the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska and associate professor of the department of foreign philology and translation Oksana Zakhutska paid a working visit to  Aldo Moro University in Bari (Italy),

 which is located there,  in the southern region of Apulia, and is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education in Italy. It was founded in 1925 and has a long and long history. Today, it has about 30,000 students, whose training is carried out in 11 departments (faculties). The university is famous for its research and level of teaching, and provides a wide range of courses in the humanities, engineering, and medicine. There are various training programs for both bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as PhD students. The university pays considerable attention to international contacts, and students from different parts of the world come here to study.


 The purpose of the trip was to establish contacts, discuss models of cooperation between universities, student and teacher mobility programs, conduct joint scientific research, including by writing joint projects and receiving grants. The agreement on cooperation between universities was made possible thanks to many years of cooperation and friendly relations between our universities.
 On the first day of the visit, the delegation met with the university management, in particular with the vice-rector Gracia Paola Niche, who on behalf of the rector, professor Stefano Bronzini told about the history of the institution, long-standing traditions, presented the material and technical base. The joint meeting with representatives of the international department was interesting and fruitful Silvana Sirico, professor Alessandro Rubino as well as delegates from various faculties to discuss prospects for further cooperation.

 Aldo Moro University has a wide range of specialties in humanitarian area in particular, professional education, psychology, journalism, philology, international relations, political science and philosophy. The training offers of the departments are aimed at developing modern skills necessary for obtaining a variety of professions with high social significance: from teachers, educators, psychologists to editorial experts and communication researchers. Therefore, the meeting of the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska  with the heads and representatives of the department of humanitarian research and innovation was very interesting and rich, and the exchange of views on further cooperation took place.

 The next day, working meetings were held at the the department of engineering. Members of the delegation were introduced to the material and technical base, training conditions for students, scientific developments of teachers and postgraduates. A solemn meeting of the faculty staff was also held, during which the initiator and coordinator of cooperation between Aldo Moro University and NULES of Ukraine, professor Simone Pascuzzi by the decision of the Academic Council and on behalf of the rector, academician Stanislav Nikolaenko was awarded the certificate of honorary doctor of NULES of Ukraine and the corresponding attributes.


 For students and scientists of the Italian university head of the department of mechanics of NULES of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Volodymyr Bulhakov delivered an open lecture on mechanics.
 On the third day, the meeting of the Ukrainian delegation was no less productive in the walls ofthe Polytechnic University in Bari with the rector, professor Francesco Cupertino. The educational institution is one of the youngest polytechnic universities in Italy. It was established in 1990 by separating it from the structure of the University of Aldo Moro. Geographically, the Polytechnic University is located nearby and trains engineering personnel for many industries, including agriculture.



 After the mutual congratulations, an interesting conversation and a thorough discussion of the possibilities of mutual cooperation between our universities took place. Rector of the University prof. Francesco Cupertino expressed his readiness for cooperation, exchange of students and scientists. Scientific proposals should necessarily be aimed at submitting joint scientific projects, and for this purpose the Italian side has assured of its readiness to make appropriate efforts for their implementation.
The result of the meeting was the agreement on the conclusion of a cooperation  between NULES of Ukraine and Polytechnic University in Bari.

 Then there was the visit of the department of construction and civil engineering. Professor Leonardo Damiani introduced in detail to the activities of his division, areas of scientific research and opportunities for cooperation. Educational and scientific laboratories for soil research were chosen to get acquainted with the material and technical base. Of particular interest were studies of the soil base, which are important in civil and industrial construction. It was decided that students and scientists from Ukraine will be able to use modern, sophisticated equipment in their research.


 Then the Ukrainian delegation from NULES of Ukraine visited industrial production of olive oil. During the tour, the production equipment was presented, especially the principle of operation and characteristics of the main working body for pressing - a mechanical mill with granite disks. An interesting experience was also visiting a typical Italian agricultural farm, where graduate students of the university work and conduct research.

 Summing up the results of the visit of the delegation from NULES of Ukraine to the city of Bari we can state with confidence that the Italian side is interested in cooperation with scientists and teachers of our university, supports our country in the fight against the russian aggressor and wishes us victory.


associate professor of the department of foreign philology and translation



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