In the kingdom of wisdom and greatness of the Ukrainian word

28 жовтня 2023 року


The last Friday of October will be remembered for a long time by the students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy. The talk was about those future journalists and social workers who became participants of the linguistic action "The power of the folk and literary word". The enthusiasm of the participants of the two teams and the fans was also added by the fact that on this day the Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Ukrainian language and literacy.



First of all, we express our sincere gratitude to the associate professor of the department of journalism and language communication Nina Stepanivna Stepanenko who prepared interesting competitive tasks filled with patriotic and intellectual content, skillfully moderated the event, offered valuable information for those who love and respect their native language and want to learn its secret, about the tragic and majestic native word, little-known, or even sensational information about the lexical, phraseological, word-forming , grammatical, graphic structure of the language, vividly illustrating them.


Both teams were active, demonstrated a high level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language, creativity. They found original ways out of the most difficult situations, managed to unite and achieve collective success. It is clear that everyone was waiting for victories, but it turned out that journalists won the championship by a narrow margin. The fans gave extremely positive emotions to the direct participants of the contest.

The crowded hall raged, chanted, and applauded. Jury (professors of the department T. F. Semashko and M. I. Stepanenko, deputy dean N. V. Shevchenko) was, as it should be, fair, took care of the equal conditions of the competition, objectively appreciated the achievements. Members of both teams received prizes – interesting linguistic Studios. The books were presented by the head of the department M. I. Navalna and deputy dean S. V. Kharchenko.



We sincerely admit that by attending an action dedicated to our native language, we have strengthened our spirit and enriched ourselves with knowledge. Such competitions should be held more often. It is also important that future humanitarians felt the power of the word, enjoyed its beauty, and were proud that they were Ukrainians.





Iryna Zezul, 1st year student,
Yordana Kurhanevych, 2nd year student
(specialty "Journalism")

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