Global and national trends in education development management - topic of Stanislav Nikolaenko's lecture

8 вересня 2023 року



 Recently, students of Master's degree programs of NULES of Ukraine filled the classrooms and laboratories of academic buildings, starting full-time training. It is for them, today's students, and tomorrow's leaders, the rector Stanislav Nikolaenko started a course of lectures on the academic discipline "Head of an educational institution". This course reveals the organizational, pedagogical and legal foundations of managerial activity, and is the basis for the development of modern theoretical and practical knowledge within the legal framework of the creation and operation of educational institutions of Ukraine at all levels, the acquisition of skills and abilities to apply in practice the norms of current legislation in working in positions in educational institutions.


 The lesson dealt with the problem of global and national trends in education development management, which were highlighted through the prism of modern problems of World Development, existing prerequisites for the emergence of the knowledge economy, problems of education and science in the world and Ukrainian society, theoretical and methodological approaches to the creation of legislation on education.


 The lesson was held in the form of lectures and discussions, where students were active participants in the educational event. They entered into a productive discussion with the lecturer, asked relevant questions, supplemented them, and reasonably expressed their own opinions and positions. The result of the classes was that students received instructions and tasks for independent work, the implementation of which will allow them to develop their research abilities and form the professional competence of the future manager.


Ihor Butsyk,
deputy dean of
the faculty of humanities and pedagogy

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