Assistant practice of philologists: an unforgettable experience - to feel like a teacher

7 вересня 2023 року


Students of the FilA-22001m and FilH-22001m groups started the new academic year with an industrial (assistant) internship, which lasted from August 14 to September 1, 2023. During the first week, students attended lectures and practical classes of the teachers of the department of foreign philology and translation on the basis of which they compiled their own developments of lectures and practical classes in professional disciplines, and over the next two weeks interns had the opportunity to test themselves directly as teachers of foreign languages.



  The overall impressions of all the trainees were positive. Students enjoyed working as teachers, managing the teaching process, explaining new material, evaluating students, and justifying grades. It was a unique experience that we got, because during the classes we developed our pedagogical skills, improved our knowledge of English and German, as well as the theory and technique of translation. Communication with students in the classes for future Masters was at an excellent level, as we received feedback on teaching from the students we worked with. For their part, the practice leaders provided advice on correcting shortcomings that occurred during the course of classes.



  In general, the assistant practice program was fully implemented, as evidenced by the developed own classes and practical application of the acquired skills in the teaching process. Students shared their impressions of the production (assistant) practice at the final meeting. Each master's student reported on their own experience in preparing and conducting classes in accordance with the requirements of the Reporting program, focusing on the results of practice, methods and techniques that were applied in classrooms during self-conducted classes, feelings from being in the role of a teacher, conclusions about the quality of practice and its importance in the educational process of training teachers in English and German.


Horkavyi Evheniy, Vashchenko Kyrylo,
2-year undergraduates of the specialty "Philology"

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