The All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference (with international participation) "Mental health in war conditions: ways to preserve and restore" was held

15 жовтня 2023 року


NULES of Ukraine has extensive experience in holding high-level conferences in various fields of Science and practice. As a multi-profile university, it often becomes a platform for meeting and sharing the experience of specialists in many specialties. So recently, on October 13, 2023, on the occasion of the day of mental health, NULES of Ukraine cordially welcomed the participants of the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Mental health in war conditions: ways to preserve and restore".

   The conference was organized and held by: Division "Mental health" of the National psychological association; department of special psychology and medicine of the faculty of special and inclusive education of the Mykhailo Drahomanov Ukrainian State University; department of psychology of the faculty of humanitarian and pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine.
   Thanks to the modern multimedia equipment of the University's conference halls, participants could fully participate in the conference both in person and remotely.


     The conference participants were addressed with welcoming words of: Inna Savytska, dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine, and Iryna Markus, dean of the faculty of special and inclusive education of the Mykhailo Drahomanov USU. They stressed the importance and relevance of the event's theme.

   The conference began with a report by Valeria Paliy, president of the National psychological association on the topic "Psychological assistance to Ukrainians at home and abroad: experience in implementing the assistance line". Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the network of hot lines organized by the association to help our compatriots affected by the war in different parts of the world, as well as with the content of psychological assistance implemented in this way.


   With a report, the topic of which adds optimism in difficult circumstances – "Post-traumatic growth of Ukrainians: psychological factors", moderator of the mental health division Anna Naidyonovaaddressed the audience .
   Content of the All-Ukrainian mental health program "How are you?", initiated by First lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, was submitted by the expert of the Coordination Center for mental health of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Olha Horbanyova.

   Expert on the development of mental health policies of the project "Mental health for Ukraine" GFA Consulting Group GmbH (Ukraine-Germany-Switzerland) Vitaly Klymchuk shared his experience of preparing family doctors to work on preserving the mental health of patients, with the audience .
  Master's student in healthcare at the University of Geneva, MSc student in psychotherapy at Middlesex University (UK), psychotherapist in HEPI training (Lithuania) Anna-Maria Bressescher shared with the participants ideas about possible alternatives to subjective well-being during the war.
   With interest and tears in their eyes, the conference participants listened to Sharon-Maksimov Daphne, international expert on trauma and post-trauma in children and adolescents, head of the Kinder Velt network of charity rehabilitation centers in 5 cities of Ukraine, who presented a unique method of rehabilitation of childhood and adolescent trauma using the Hibuki therapy toy. The soulfulness of the online meeting with the psychologist was given not only by the content of her speech and the enormous work she did to help Ukrainian children, but also by the difficult military situation in Israel, in which Daphne was at the time of her speech. The conference participants expressed gratitude to the Israeli people for their support in the fight against russian aggression and expressed solidarity with them during the difficult time of their fight against terrorism.


   The scientific and practical conference was filled with many interesting informative reports of famous scientists and practitioners in the field of mental health: Oleksandr Kocharyan, Ivan Klymenko, Nadia Lodkina, Viktoria Nazarevych, Natalia Pohorilska, Olena Merzlyakova, Natalia Horak, Natalia Mosol and many others.
   Master classes became an important component of the conference, held by:

  • Aspichi Project Manager Nadia Kamash and her assistants "Virtual reality (VR) technologies in psychological work",

  • practical psychologist, specialist in bio-suggestive therapy, associate professor Olha Vykhodtseva "Features of providing psychological assistance to highly anxious and depressed clients",

  • post-graduate students of the department of social psychology of the Mykhailo Drahomanov State University, member of the NPA "Art therapeutic Association", member of the NPA, artist, writer Yulia Cherkesova "Enjoying life: the technique of"coffee painting".

   Full of useful information, meaningful communication, and interesting activities, the day left a pleasant aftertaste for the conference participants.


   Team of the department of psychology and students - future psychologists, express their sincere gratitude to Anna NaidyonovaValeria Paliy to colleagues from the Mykhailo Drahomanov USU for their cooperation, to all speakers for their reports, to the presenters of master classes for the opportunity to gain new professional experience.
   Special thanks to the management of the faculty and the University for supporting the initiative in holding the conference.

   We are thankful to the conference participants, to all the defenders of Ukraine!

   The conference program and its collection will be published soon.



Iryna Martyniuk,
acting head of the department of psychology of
NULES of Ukraine


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