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1 жовтня 2023 року

 "Translators live by the differences between languages,

at the same time, working to erase these differences"
(Edmond Carey)

  On occasion of the International translator's Day traditionally celebrated in the world on September 30, associate professor of the department of foreign philology and translation Oksana Zakhutska conducted an interactive lesson with 2nd-year students of specialty 035 Philology who study polish as a second foreign language. First, in the form of a quiz, the participants recalled the history of the foundation and purpose of this holiday, discussed the role of translators in the modern world, their contribution to the popularization of various cultures, languages and works of literature.


  The second part of the lesson was held in the form of a translation training, during which students practiced Polish-Ukrainian-English and Ukrainian-English-Polish translation of interesting facts from different spheres of life in Europe and the world in general, and Poland and Ukraine in particular. Future translators have tried their hand at writing and interpreting information from the world of business, economics, medicine, and most of all – agriculture, because this industry is a priority for our university.


  Curator of the FilA-22002b group Chernova Yulia Viktorivna also devoted time to discussing on her lecture of International translator ' s Day. She, in particular, stressed the importance of learning all foreign languages today. After all, English, German, and Polish today literally open the doors of a wide variety of projects for higher education applicants – from traveling and posting about events in Ukraine on social networks to their own business.

Oksana Zakhutska,
associate professor of the department of foreign philology and translation

Yulia Chernova,
senior lecturer of the department of
foreign philology and translation


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