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30 вересня 2023 року


A person's life is made up of events. They are intertwined in incredible, sometimes amazing patterns. Those patterns are collected from holidays that bloom with exuberant color in the flow of countless everyday life.

Among the host of outstanding events for the Ukrainian heart, a prominent place belongs to the day of defenders of Ukraine. Since its official foundation in 2014, this holiday has been rapidly gaining weight and recognition in Ukraine and beyond. Of course, circumstances contribute to this. The undeclared, and therefore vile and insidious war waged by the northern neighbor against Ukraine, in 2014, turning to outright aggression, encourages everyone to pay tribute to the defenders of the motherland; moreover, to the defenders and guardians of the ethnic identity and national unity of Ukrainians. And such, given the historical retrospective, of course, were also the Cossacks, United in a powerful force, which was certainly considered by the then Europe and the Middle East. Thus, on October 14, and starting from this year October 1 given the metamorphosis of the calendar, it became the date of a double holiday: Day of defenders of Ukraine and day of the Ukrainian Cossacks.
In anticipation of the holiday NULES of Ukraine resorted to organizing a number of events. In particular, university students were actively involved in the the military-patriotic song contest "Freshman's song". Taking care of the safety of participants and spectators, including taking into account quarantine restrictions, the gala concert of the competition was solemnly held at the stadium on 28.09.2023.


On this fine autumn day, the singing of young talents was heard over the expanses of Holosiive. The well-deserved victory in the contest was celebrated by the performers of the song "Ukraine will win!» authored by Oleksandr Ponomaryov –first-year students of specialty "International relations, regional studies and public communications", group MV-23001b. Moments of excitement, joy and triumph were shared with them by fans: first-year students of all specialties of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, faculty, dean and deputy deans. Rector of NULES of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko congratulated on the victory, "You are all winners because you gave yourself to what you did today." The vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Serhiy Kvasha (it was on his initiative that the contest was held) joined the congratulations . Dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska noted the incredible level of performance of the winning team and their creativity.



A student of the group  MV-23001b Vladyslava Yurchenkoshared her impressions of the event, "It was just incredible! I will never forget this event! We all united, became friends, had an active, fun and interesting time. We had the best teachers and the best team! Dean's office of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy supported us from the first minute, helped and motivated us. I am proud that I had a unique opportunity to take part in this, glorify and enrich the faculty of humanities and pedagogy with another victory!"




Volodymyr Kaluha,
professor of the department of international relations and social sciences
Vladyslava Yurchenko,
student of the MV-23001b grou



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