First impressions of first-year philologists: Anfang gut – alles gut

26 серпня 2023 року


School graduates who are responsible for determining their own life path and choosing a profession, want to acquire new knowledge and achieve success, and dream of entering higher education institutions. Me and my band are no exception. When we finally managed to achieve what we wanted, we were looking forward to the first day of training.


  August 14 finally arrived. Emotions were off the scale: a lot of people, new experiences and a different place of stay. The beauty of the University and a good attitude towards students did not go unnoticed and created a pleasant mood. Indeed, everything is much more difficult than at school, we have a lot of work and information ahead of us, but to achieve our goal, we will work as hard as possible and survive this difficult period for us. To paraphrase a German proverb, let's say, "Anfang gut – alles gut" ("When the beginning is good, then everything will be fine").



  We hope that our German philology group will achieve such success that our university and we ourselves will have pride and the opportunity to develop our country.

Victoria Ratovska,
head of the FilN-20233b group

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