National flag raising ceremony in NULES

23 серпня 2023 року


Every year on August 23 we celebrate Flag Day. The holiday was founded in 2004 to remind Ukrainians to respect the symbols of the state. The flag of Ukraine has become a symbol of invincibility and freedom for all of us. Today we perceive it differently. This is not just a two - tone fabric-it is a banner that separates the civilized world from the barbaric one. And that is why Ukrainians who were in the occupied territories cry with joy as soon as they see their native flag, because it brings freedom and independence.

On this festive day, the NULES of Ukraine also does not stand aside. The solemn event was held near the main building, where students, teachers and other employees of the University gathered. The opening ceremony began with the performance of the national anthem of Ukraine and the raising of the national flag, which was carried out by cadets of the military department.

The presenters gave the floor to the rector of the University Stanislav Nikolaenko who congratulated everyone on the holiday, wished unity, invincibility of spirit and faith in victory.


Those present observed a minute of silence in memory of the fallen soldiers with deep sorrow, thanks to whom today we were able to hold this event without loud sirens.

The flag fluttered on the flagpole, and the sun warmed the earth with the warmth of August... In these difficult times for Ukraine, we are changing, as is our perception of the flag. Therefore, I would like such celebrations to be more restrained and held without too much pathos, in a modern format, because they are organized primarily for us, students, to foster a sense of pride in our state and its symbols. Therefore, as one of the best universities in the country, we must also create a new aesthetic culture for holding such events. So that all that "sharovarschina", which was fed to Ukrainians for so long, disappears like our enemies. Under the blue and yellow flag.


The solemn event ended with a joint photo session near the main building of the NULES of Ukraine.


Ilya Khatsko, sophomore of specialty "Journalism", willingly commented on today's event: "the solemn raising of the flag was atmospheric. The militarymen carried the flag to the flagpole, under the gaze of dozens of caring eyes. A minute – and it flutters in the air, and the heart freezes with pride that we are Ukrainians!"


Daryna Shvets, 2nd year student,
specialty "Journalism"

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