Way to go for knowledge: a solemn dedication of first-year students to students took place at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine

15 серпня 2023 року


August 14 will remain in the memory of first–year students for a long time, because this is a special day-dedication to students. From now on, the path to adulthood begins, to the heights of knowledge. This is an opportunity to enter the world of new acquaintances, events and challenges.

   Traditional celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year and the initiation of students began in the morning. Vyshyvankas fluttered, faces shone with joy, excited voices of students, teachers, and parents were heard. The faculty of humanities and pedagogy warmly welcomed its first-year students – more than 500 students eager for knowledge joined the ranks of students this year in majors "Psychology", "Journalism", "Social work", "Professional education", "Philology", "International relations, public communications and regional studios", " Physical culture and sports” .
   The dedication to the students began with a minute of silence in honor of the fallen defenders and the performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine.




   The rector addressed the students with a welcoming speech Stanislav Nikolaenko. He wished the first-year students confidence and inspiration in obtaining professional knowledge, noting that they made the right choice and the right step in life, and their future depends on how hard they master knowledge. "Be sure that you will gain deep knowledge in the NULES of Ukraine. Today you will take the oath of office and join the family the faculty of humanities and pedagogy. I congratulate you and wish you to be happy under the peaceful sky of Ukraine. Proudly bear the title of Student Of NULES of Ukraine! Glory To Ukraine!».


   Congratulations were also received from the chairman of the Supervisory board of the university, professor Mykola Tomenko. He noted that today in the tireless work of every Ukrainian – our common and so desired victory, and the educational and scientific achievements of students – an important contribution to the future of their native country.



    Inna Savytska, the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy also congratulated the first-year students and their parents. She thanked me for my trust, congratulated me on the most important event in my life – the start of higher education, and wished me the fulfillment of my plans and dreams. "Students, today you have become a part of the largest, best, elite faculty of humanities and pedagogy. I wish you to enjoy every moment of your student life; I wish you to study for the sake of the future. You need to restore the country, you have a lot of things ahead of you, but I sincerely believe that you will successfully cope with them," - with these words Inna Savytska turned to the first-year students, and also assured parents that their children are in safe hands, because they will always have wise mentors and the best pedagogues with them.



  A special and festive mood was created by the concert program, which was attended by art groups ofthe department of cultural studies, under the supervision of the manager Iryna Maydaniuk, and our talented students. With a sublime, festive and deep performance of vocal and choreographic numbers, they touched the delicate strings of the soul, touched the hearts, uniting those present with a sense of patriotism and love for Ukraine. Especially all participants and guests of the festival liked the performance of the people's artist of Ukraine, professor of the department of cultural studies Roman Rudy, who performed the author's songs. Everyone sang together with the artists, supported them with sincere applause.


   With particular excitement, the first-year students uttered the words of their first oath in the walls of NULES: to become a worthy student of the chosen university, increase its achievements, study, create, work for the benefit of their native Ukraine.
   And the key of knowledge received by first-year students from the hands of the dean of the faculty, and the fire of knowledge that majestically flared up on a torch over the stadium from first-year students of all faculties, became symbols of the beginning of a bright and exciting student life.



   At the end of the meeting, all the first-year students spoke Olena Shyshkevych. She thanked for the festive mood, for the warm feeling of the large and friendly NULES student family and assured that this day will remain in the memory for a long time, and students will persistently implement all the instructions and wishes.


   After the solemn dedication, the first-year students together with the instructors went to the classrooms to start a fruitful and interesting study in the walls of the coveted alma mater.



 Dear freshmen, Student life is rich and colorful, so do not miss the opportunity to live fully, be active and purposeful! I wish you success, optimism, a peaceful sky and faith in the future!

Maryna Navalna,
professor of the department of journalism and language communicatio

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