The Constitution of Ukraine is the basis for the development of an independent democratic state: a scientific and practical seminar on honoring the Basic Law of Ukraine was held at the NULES of Ukraine

28 червня 2023 року


Defense of the Fatherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine,
honoring its state symbols is the duty of Ukrainian citizens.
Article 65 Of The Constitution Of Ukraine.

  Today, in the context of a full-scale russian invasion and numerous crimes of the occupiers, we all have a new assessment of the meaning of the values laid down in the Constitution of Ukraine, which is the core of the consolidation of the Ukrainian people. That is why on June 28, 2023, the faculty of humanities and pedagogy organized and held a scientific and practical seminar "The Constitution of Ukraine: history and modernity".




  "The adoption of the Basic Law by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on June 28, 1996 was an important stage in the establishment of statehood, and was of great political and legal importance for the development of the Ukrainian political nation and civil society. The Venice Commission recognized our Constitution as one of the most democratic in Europe, especially in terms of the rights, freedoms and duties of citizens who fully comply with international standards in the field of constitutional law," ‒ with these words the the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska began the scientific and practical seminar "The Constitution of Ukraine: history and modernity". Inna Mykolaivna stressed that for us, Ukrainians, in the conditions of a full-scale war, when we defend our sovereignty, the Constitution is about rights and freedoms, it is about dignity, values, the backbone of the nation, resilience and defiance.



  The rector of NULES of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko, people's deputy of the II-IV convocations, who was directly involved in the creation of the Constitution of Ukraine addressed the participants of the seminar with a welcoming speech. He congratulated those present on the 27th anniversary of the adoption of the Basic Law of Ukraine and noted: "Knowing your rights and fulfilling your duties is the main prerequisite for the stability of the state. State ‒ constitution – education ‒ these are the cornerstones of society. The Basic Law of a state is a sign of a democratic state governed by the rule of law. Specialists, experts, highly intelligent lawyers, lawyers, teachers, and scientists worked on its creation.


  Stanislav Mykolayovych shared his impressions, emotions, and excitement that raged in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada on that fateful night. After all, each of those present clearly understood how important and outstanding this event is. Everyone, in fact, was the creator of the history of Ukrainian statehood. "That night, I talked about education, medicine, land issues. The main task for us is to strictly observe the Constitution, to ensure that the interests, rights and freedoms of university employees and students are ensured," Stanislav Nikolaenko said. The rector noted that the current Constitution has not exhausted its potential and there are many state mechanisms that have not yet been used.

    In his report "How to turn the Constitution into the Basic Law of Ukraine?» chairman of the Supervisory Board of NULES of Ukraine, professor of the department of philosophy and international communication Mykola Tomenko noted that Ukraine has come a long way to assert sovereignty and independence in the Constitution – since 1016, when Yaroslav the Wise confirmed the high vocation of law in society in Pravda and the Charter, and in 1710 Pylyp Orlyk concluded "Pacts and Constitutions of laws and liberties of the Zaporizhzhya Army.



 Mykola Tomenko focused on the historical experience of creating the Constitution. Knowledge-respect-compliance with the Constitution –  basic principles that should guide every citizen of Ukraine. Mykola Volodymyrovych noted that our Constitution is one of the best, which requires only "targeted" changes, and it is the duty of each of us to respect the Constitution and comply with its requirements. Only in this way will we be able to ensure the further development of Ukraine as a democratic and equal state with the international community.



  A direct participant in those solemn events was also the people's deputy of Ukraine of the second and third convocations, professor of the department of journalism and language communication, Honored journalist of Ukraine Ivan Chyzh. In his report "The Constitution of Ukraine: man, law, independence" Ivan Serhiyovych identified the lessons that we must learn: first, the Constitution declares equality, which in fact does not exist, that is, the lack of fair equality, second, constant encroachments on changes in the content of the Constitution, and third, respect for the Constitution and its strict observance, these are painful issues that hinder the stability of a democratic, rule-of-law state.



  Great interest in the audience was aroused by a video with an archive video, during which the audience was transported to that historic night on 27-28 June 1996, when the eyes of all conscious citizens of Ukraine were focused on the TV screens where the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada was broadcast, with the only question: will it happen?


  His report "The origins of Ukrainian constitutionalism" director of TRI of Continuing education and tourism Ivan Hrytsenko began by saying that the Constitution is a bundle of philosophy of ideas, the Basic Law of life. As James McIntoshsaid , – "Constitutions are not written, they grow. The Constitution is an eternal struggle of the people for limiting state power, which is embodied in a legal form." Power must be placed within legal limits. In some countries, there is no Constitution as a separate legal act, but the powers of the authorities are limited in other ways, including legal ones. Ivan Serhiyovych addressed the audience with practical advice "... so that your rights are not violated – read and know the Constitution of Ukraine!».



  Liliia Makarenko, associate professor of the department of international relations and social sciences, in her report "What does the Constitution of Ukraine need: changes or compliance?» noted that the Constitution is the document with which all other regulatory legal acts should be coordinated. This is the Basic Law, the real law of laws. And this, in turn, means that it is impossible to rewrite it depending on the change in the power of political forces. It is this document that unites the history of independent Ukraine into one whole, restrains the radical steps taken by the authorities and coordinates the past, present and future.

  The Constitution of Ukraine should evolve, but declarative changes in modern Ukrainian conditions will not give it authority, because this authority and respect are created by strong democratic institutions of power and the judicial system, whose main duty is to establish and ensure human and civil rights and freedoms. In order for the Constitution to become the "Bible of law and order", it is better for the state to focus its efforts on building democratic institutions of power and building trust in them.



  Assistant of the department of philosophy and international communication Vira Pyrohovska made a report "The Constitution of Ukraine in Ukrainian law-making". She noted that having absorbed the most important achievements of domestic and foreign scientific thought in the field of state creation, the Constitution of Ukraine defined a strategy for the further development of the Ukrainian state.


  After all, the Basic Law is not only a name, but an extremely important political and legal document that has recorded the relevant state of development of our state, society and the legal system as a whole, which contains interrelated norms that create the basis necessary for regulating the most important public relations, ensuring human rights and freedoms and further development of our state.
  All the reports aroused great interest and prompted discussion.
 In conclusion, the organizers of the event wished all participants victory and a peaceful sky, good health and creative inspiration, well – being and comfort in their families, wisdom and foresight, high achievements, success in work and new achievements for the implementation of the principles of the Basic Law of our motherland-democracy, humanism and legality!


In a clot, pressed wisely and cleanly,
It became the content of our deeds and dreams.
The basis of my life and the Fatherland.
And my destiny is my Basic Law.
To you, Ukraine, my glorious people,
I write the song of holy freedom.
All my strength and soul is wide,
And I will give my life to the last step,
To make you happy, my Fatherland,
holy independent, my Ukraine!




Olena Lauta, Iryna Matvienko,
associate professors of the department of philosophy and international communication

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