The department of Romance and Germanic languages and translation brought together well-known scientists and students in the work of a scientific and practical seminar

12 травня 2023 року


On May 11, 2023, the department of Romance and Germanic languages and translation held the first scientific and practical seminar "Innovative methodological trends: language, culture, business".

     Scientific and practical seminar "Innovative methodological trends: language, culture, business" was held as part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary ofNULES of Ukraine.
The purpose of the scientific and practical seminar is to increase motivation to study foreign languages and study modern problems in the field of philology and translation and cultural studies and business, to provide opportunities for the formation of language, intercultural and translation competencies, as well as to activate cognitive activity, develop creative thinking and personal and professional qualities of students of specialty 035.041 "Philology" (German languages and Literatures (translation inclusive), (English and second foreign language) and others at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy


      The scientific and practical seminar serves as a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas between specialists from different fields in order to enrich their professional development and mutual understanding.
    Highly respected foreign guests were: co-founder of international companies Kanar Naci (Turkey), associate professor of the Institute of teachers ' education of the University of Vienna Havryliv Oksana Evheniivna and Chybis Larysaan Interpreter, a Research Assistant, a PhD student in the School of Education, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia


     The deputy dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Shevchenko Natalia Volodymyrivnaand the head of the department of Romance and Germanic languages and translation, doctor of philology, professor Lychuk Maria Ivanivnaaddressed the participants of the scientific and practical seminar with a welcoming speech. 


      The seminar brought together more than 60 participants. During the plenary session of the seminar, the following reports were relevant: "Tourism and language" presented by candidate of philological sciences, associate professor ofthe National Institute of Teachers ' Education, the University of Vienna, Havryliv Oksana"Linguistic and regional challenges in the development of international business" speaker Kanar Naci. In his dialogue with students, he shared his experience as a co-founder of international companies. The report of the head of the department of humanities and social disciplines ofPoltava state agrarian university Syzonenko Natalia Mykolaivna on the topic "Effective translator communication" turned out to be interesting and exciting for would-be translators.


        The seminar was moderated for the first time by 1st year students Adriana Lyashenko and Lupinova Kateryna.
       First-and second-year students tried their hand as future young scientists. Each report was accompanied by a structured and informative presentation. The reports of students Kateryna Lupinova, Adriana Lyashenko, Maria Batih, Vladyslav Yerilov, Olena Tsyryn, Iryna Kabak, Valeria Malyukova, Ivan Nesterov and others were bright and informative. 

      Breakout sessions continued after 13 o'clock. The scientific and practical seminar was held in a friendly atmosphere. The seminar will continue on May 15, 2023.


Maria Lychuk, head of the department
of Romance and Germanic languages and translation,
Adriana Lyashenko,
2nd year student of the group PhilA-22002
of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy

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