"Ukrainian-Polish history: the common and the different in the concepts of modern Ukrainian and Polish historians" - the topic of the meeting with associate professor of Jagiellonian University Olha Morozova

1 травня 2023 року


OnApril 27, the department of international relations and social sciences of the faculty of humanities and pedagogyof NULES of Ukraine held an online meeting with the doctor of historical sciences, associate professor of Jagiellonian University Morozova Olha Stanislavivna on the topic: "Ukrainian-Polish history: the common and the different in the concepts of modern Ukrainian and Polish historians" with the participation of Masters, postgraduates and lecturers of the department.


Such problems are extremely important for modern historians and international experts, because the active position of Poles to support the Ukrainian people in the war with the Russian aggressor has become an incentive to revive the study of current events in Ukrainian history by Polish researchers. The intensification of research on the history of Ukraine is particularly pronounced in Polish scientific and educational institutions, in particular universities. Polish scientists record the events of the Ukrainian-Russian war, collect statistics, and popularize Ukrainian topics around the world. A positive aspect for studying the history of Ukraine in Poland is the possibility of obtaining financial support for writing books and implementing projects from Polish and international foundations.
Thus, various programs, projects, grants were presented at the meeting to support the Ukrainian scientific community, which is conducted by Warsaw, Jagiellonian, Wroclaw universities, Adam Mickiewicz University and many others.






The participants had the opportunity to put questions to the speaker. So, master's degree of specialty 291 "International relations, public communications and regional studios" Bruslik Arthur asked whether Polish and Ukrainian historians find understanding in the controversial issues of the Ukrainian-Polish struggle in the early ХХ century and how the poles relate to the figure of S. Bandera, and postgraduate student of specialty 032 "History and archeology" Andrei Sorokin asked about Polish scientific publications and the availability of publications in them for Ukrainian scientists.
At the end of a fruitful meeting, the professor Olha Morozova noted that such a trend in the direction of knowledge of Ukraine and Ukrainians, their history and culture, which now exists in the Polish educational and scientific environment, will undoubtedly have good results both for the development of Ukrainian and Polish science, and for Ukrainian-Polish relations in the future.


Yevhenia Shevtsova,
post-graduate student of the department of international relations and social sciences


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