Ceremonial presentation of bachelor's diplomas to graduates of the educational trajectory "Management of Investment Activity and International Projects"

1 липня 2023 року

 On June 28, 2023, in the walls of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, a solemn ceremony of awarding bachelor's diplomas to graduates of the Faculty of Agricultural Management, in particular, to the students of the English-speaking group, who studied at the educational trajectory "Management of Investment Activity and International Projects", was held.

Awarding of diplomas is the most important part of the educational process. It is a joyful and important fact that this important event for young people takes place on the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Basic Law that guarantees rights and freedoms for every person. The rights and freedoms that the enemy is trying to take away from us today. And today, once again, we thank our defenders who, without sparing their lives, defend our country from the enemy and give us such a happy opportunity to learn!

Rector of the NILES of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Stanislav Nikolaienko addressed the graduates with congratulatory words and sincere wishes for success. The graduates also heard warm greetings from the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, graduate of the Faculty of Agrarian Management Taras Vysotskii, Head of the Holosiivskii District State Administration Serhii Sadovoy, Deputy Head of the Holosiivskii District State Administration Volodymyr Berezovsky, Dean of the Faculty of Agrarian Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Anatolii Ostapchuk, head of the division of military mobilization and interaction with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NULES of Ukraine, retired colonel, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, candidate of psychological sciences, Gennadii Rzhevsky.




The words of gratitude and respect from the graduates and their parents to all the professors and management of the University sounded no less touching.



Awarding of diplomas is a celebration not only of students, not only teachers, but also, of course, another "participant" of the educational process, without whom it is difficult to imagine the educational process - the parents of our graduates. Four years of continuous support, worries for every exam, every passed coursework, every competition. But now everything is in the past and you can safely rejoice and be proud: another step has been successfully completed. And how much more will there be in the life path of each child! This is exactly what the mother of our graduate Ivan Makhovskyi, Oleksandra Makhovska, said in her speach, quoting Lina Kostenko: "And everything in the world must be experienced, and every finish is, in fact, a start"!


Dear graduates!

Now it seems that four years of studying have flown. First, memories of the first lecture session, the first successes, the first session. And here is the defense of the bachelor's work and the awarding of diplomas.

We are proud of you and sincerely congratulate you on completing your studies and receiving bachelor's degrees in the specialty "Management"! Now you are highly qualified specialists! We wish you to confidently step up the professional and career ladder, to constantly improve your skills thanks to new knowledge and your own experience.

We are sure that most of you are putting a comma, not a dot, in your studies today, and we will meet in autumn at the master's degree in the educational program "Management of Investment Activity and International Projects"! It is the youth who currently shape the trends and the progressive direction of the development of society, generate ideas that change the world and bring our Victory closer with each confident step!





Associate Professor of the Production
and Investment Management Department

Translated by Kateryna ALEKSEIEVA

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