Mastering the concept of "Lean production" as part of studying the discipline "Operations Management"

14 червня 2023 року

 After successfully completing the academic year and passing all exams, I would like to give feedback on the discipline of operations management, which was taught by the professor of the department of production and investment management, doctor of economic sciences, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Lidiia Shynkaruk and associate professor of the department, candidate of economic sciences Tetiana Vlasenko.

During two semesters, we mastered the concept of "Lean production" within the discipline "Operations Management". The essence of this concept is to reproduce all stages, processes and resources of one complete production cycle of the enterprise. "Lean production" is quite interesting and practical. With its help, we could easily analyze costs, forecast and evaluate the company's activities.



To begin with, our group was divided into teams, where roles were determined by personality type. Then the current state of production was determined based on the selected topic (direction in agribusiness) and the first draft of the current state of production was created. In my opinion, "Lean production" is very useful, because it helps to have a general and complete overview of all production processes, and its advantages are universality - the template of our technological maps can be used in any field.

All classes conducted by the teachers of the Department of Production and Investment Management Lidiia Shynkaruk and Tetiana Vlasenko were as comfortable and accessible as possible. We often held discussions, and worked as a team helped us to join forces and use the skills and characteristics of each member as effectively as possible.

In addition to everything, I would like to say that it was a really valuable experience for me. Which I am going to use in my daily life and career.

year student of the 4th group, Faculty of Agrarian Management

Translated by Tetiana ARTIUKH,
Associate Professor of the Production
and Investment Management Department

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