We are proud of our university

23 квітня 2023 року

Soon our native university will celebrate 125th anniversary from the day of its foundation. Usually, on the eve of an important event in their lives, people remember the past, analyze the present, and draw plans for the future. We were lucky that fate gave us the happiness to study in such a glorious educational institution.


  Majestic pages of history of NULES the first-year journalists flipped through the next curatorial hour together with their mentor Nina Stepanenko. Nina Stepanivna managed to present the former achievements of the University in an interesting and consistent way and its present worthy of the highest assessment. We were once again happy for the great achievements of the Institute / Academy / University.


  The "historical journey" began with a viewing of the presentation. Students saw the very first studies, classrooms, and museums of the agricultural department ofthe Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, learned about the first graduation of agronomists back in 1903. It is significant that the then State Examination Commission was headed by an outstanding chemical scientist, an honorary member of the popular Kyiv Society of natural researchers D. I. Mendeleev. It was interesting to learn about the foundation of many faculties, and especially about the most native one – of humanities and pedagogy.


  We willingly walked the paths of the Botanical garden, enjoyed the open spaces of the Student square, we stopped and thought aloud and to ourselves near the newly planted Shevchenko's Oaks.




  We were captured by the University Museum. We were happy for the graduates, including a host of celebrities, for many years of championships in many All-Ukrainian and international ratings, and were convinced that NULES confidently walks into the day ahead.


  So today we learned a lot of new, interesting and useful information. We should know and study the history of the University with which we are related, because everything starts small in life... We will certainly join the celebrations, since this is our duty, the future masters of the pen.


We sincerely thank our Nina Stepanivna for the intellectual and spiritual conversation!

Yordana Kurhanevych,

first-year student of the specialty "Journalism"


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