Anniversary of Maestro Vadym Kryshchenko: P.S.

4 квітня 2023 року


You can't forget everything forever –
Is the past nameless?
When I'm gone,
Let the song say everything for me.


     Last Saturday National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine with song and poetry evening "Ukraina-nezlamna" (Ukraine is indestructible) honored 88th anniversary of people's artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of writers of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Honored Worker of culture of Ukraine professor of the department of cultural studies Vadym Kryshchenko, which has about 60 poetry collections and more than 1000 songs in his arsenal.  Famous masters of Ukrainian pop music – friends, students and colleagues ofVadym Dmytrovych, came out on the stage of our assembly hall, therefore, talk about the event does not subside up to this day.










     A first-year student of the specialty "Journalism" Yordana Kurhanevych managed to talk with several of the star guests backstage.

     "Today I celebrate my 88th birthday," says Vadym Dmytrovych Kryshchenko, - 30 of them I've been associated with NULES of Ukraine. When I started out as a poet, Andriy Malyshko after reading my poems, said that they sound like songs, which is why they became songs. And today we will hear the famous "Pane hospodaryu (Mr. Host)", "Vyshenka-chereshenka (Cherry-Cherry)" bythe "Hetman" quartet, "Let's do it!"and "Forward, brothers, forward" performed by the "Cossack fun" group, "Lystopad" and "Prayer" by Oksana Bilozir, "To my mother's eyes" and "Meet love" by Nadiya Shestak, "Let me invite you" and "Hey, you Cossacks" by Oleksandr Vasylenko, "I will ask for forgiveness" and "Good luck to you, good people " performed by Viktor Kavun, "And already autumn has come to my garden" and "The only one" by Ivo Bobul, "Willow seals" by Roman Rudy, and new ones "Bless", "The earth burns" (they are performed by a university graduate Dmytro Andriets), "Love me" and "Carpathian beauty" (they were specially recorded for today by Alla Popova).»




     People's artist of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir noted: "I have several songs written by Vadym Kryshchenko. My favorite is "Lystopad". And also a "Prayer" song is very relevant today. All the maidan (square) events were voiced by this song, because the text is extremely charged, it contains the strength of the spirit.




     Vadym Dmytrovych is an unsurpassed master of writing and the Ukrainian word. As long as I can remember being on stage, I've known him for the same amount of time. He is a creative person, a bright representative of the Kyiv intelligentsia. He was always distinguished by the fact that he spoke the correct, beautiful Ukrainian language, and even within the framework of the Soviet system, he always created a high-quality Ukrainian-language product. I think the greatest gift for him is when his songs sound, when his word cuts through our soul, consciousness, energizes us. Therefore, I want to wish him that he will always have the opportunity to hear his word through the songs of outstanding people who are listened to by millions."

     People's artist of Ukraine - Ivo Bobul: "We have been cooperating with Vadym Kryshchenko for a very long time and fruitfully. I have a lot of songs written based on his lyrics, I love them, the audience loves them. Today I will perform a new song "I am a soldier", dedicated to our soldiers. It has never been played in any hall before."


     People's artist of Ukraine hero of Ukraine Anatoly Palamarenko: "I have known Vadym Kryshchenko for a long time. At first I knew him as a songwriter, then he introduced me to his poetry. After that, I successfully performed his poetic works in the Palace "Ukraine". I want to wish that he always has energy, that we all live to win together, and then I am sure that Vadym Dmytrovych will perform his beautiful poetry, because he is an extremely talented person who fascinates us all with his word."


     The word and song were played for about three hours, and the applause did not subside. So once again – many years to you, dear birthday boy!

     And for everyone who wants to enjoy art again – video.




Iryna Maydanyuk, head of the department of cultural studies
Yordana Kurhanevych, 1st year student of the specialty "Journalism"


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