The Employers Council of the Faculty of Humanities and education has meaningful and innovative plans for cooperation

29 березня 2023 року


Employers are interested in graduates of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy. This issue and the plans for cooperation were discussed at the meeting of the employers' council of  faculty of humanities and pedagogy in the presence of heads of departments, guarantors of educational programs and employers from various institutions, institutions and organizations.


   The dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savitskaya made a speech to the stakeholders: "We give students higher education, and you support us. Today we have gathered to discuss our future cooperation, so that students can see the prospects. Our faculty is extremely large, we have more than two thousand students and almost three hundred teachers. The faculty has 13 departments, 10 of which are graduates. There are 19 educational programs: 8 - Bachelor's and 11 Master's. There are also 5 educational and scientific programs for graduate students."


   After the presentation of all stakeholders, the chairman and deputy chairmen of the employers' council were re-elected. Vitaliya Polyakova - director of T.H. Shevchenko gymnasium 109, candidate of psychological sciences, was elected a  chairman. Her deputies are: Yulia Yevtushenko - HR director of the region Center LLC "Silpo-food" and Serhiy Mishchenko - candidate of economic sciences, General Director of ILTA LLC.


Vitaliya Polyakova: "I have experience of employment of students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of NULES in our gymnasium. There is always a need for new personnel. During the meeting, I want to find out what other faculties are available here and where we can be useful. Our main task is to employ graduates so that they have a job. If we look for opportunities, we find them."


   Among the employers present was also Tamila Avramenko - director of the ecological and natural Lyceum 116: "We want to establish cooperation with NULES. This year we plan to open the tenth grades. We had three profiles: mathematical, humanitarian and biological and ecological, and this year we will also open an additional department of information technologies. We want to improve the quality of our students' education. Among them, there are already those who plan to enter NULES for certain specialties. Therefore, I want to discuss further cooperation with teachers so that students can somehow use the laboratories that exist in NULES. This is a good opportunity for them."


   I also managed to communicate with Alla Didenko - journalist, chief specialist of the communication department of the Department of information policy, communication and protocol events of the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights: "I speak from the department of journalism and language communication. Now I am the developer of an educational program for Masters, which provides information support for the work of the press services of state bodies of the agricultural sector. I would like to introduce students to the standards used by the press services of state bodies. For journalists, the following are important: informative and objective, truthful information and the eradication of hype. You need to move away from social networks and use only verified information. We teach students where to get information and who to contact."
   Employers were interested in the program of conferences dedicated to the 125th anniversary of NULES, exchanged information with guarantors, heads of departments. The participants of the meeting have already made plans for further cooperation at events, guest lectures, on-site practices, and so on.


   The meeting ended with a meeting with the rector of the NULES of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko who spoke about the importance of full-time education: "After all, thanks to this, students better master theory and practical skills," the head of the University said.




Yordana Kurhanevych,
1st year student of the specialty "Journalism"

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