Africa reveals its secrets to international students

23 березня 2023 року


Lecturers and students of the department of international relations and social sciences continue to expand their educational horizons in the field of diplomacy. Recently, they have taken part in many important events regarding Ukraine's relations with many regions and countries of the world, in particular the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Turkey.

Contacts with Africa are being particularly actively strengthened, which is important in the context of forming a powerful global coalition in support of our state in the face of russian aggression. The African continent, which previously received little attention compared to other regions of the world, has finally begun to reveal its mysteries to our international experts. During several previous events, international students of NULES of Ukraine talked to our peers from Uganda and learned about the activities of think tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa.
And recently in the framework of project "Diplomatic front" representatives of the department took part in another important event – a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of South Africa Lyubov Abravitova. Ms. Lyubov heads the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in one of the key African states, and is also responsible for Ukraine's relations with the countries of the South African development community (SADC), which has 11 participants.

The Ambassador noted that Ukraine's relations with the states of South Africa are not easy to develop – the long-term activity of anti-Ukrainian propaganda in the region by russia, as well as the weak level of development of bilateral relations in previous times, are affected. Therefore, Ukrainian diplomats should speak separately with each country and start a dialogue anew. They actively participate in media discussions and participate in various international events to convey the truth about russian aggression against Ukraine. In addition to South Africa, close contacts have been established with Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini, as well as other states in the region.
Lyubov Abravitova summed up that "Africa is finally beginning to realize the true role of Ukraine for it." Therefore, in the future – the development of economic relations, tourism, and educational exchanges. Interest in Ukraine and Ukrainians is growing more and more, and residents of African countries are showing openness to exploring our culture.


It turned out to be a frank conversation, and the participants received answers to the questions that concern them most. Students of specialties "International relations, public communications and regional studios"are already waiting for new meetings with interesting diplomats and international figures.


Bohdan Hrushetsky,
associate professor of the department of international relations and social sciences

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