International students joined the lesson "Japan in support of Ukraine" with the participation of people's deputies and representatives of diplomatic institutions

10 березня 2023 року



This Wednesday, despite all the enemy's attempts to break us, on March 9 the international parliamentary lesson on the topic "Japan in support of Ukraine" for Ukrainian youth with the participation of people's Deputies of Ukraine and the venerable Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan and representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, took place.


All participants of the meeting were given an exclusive opportunity to hear direct answers to professional questions from distinguished guests, as well as then personally participate by asking their own questions.
The first to join the floor was Koval Olha with a report on parliamentary diplomacy in the context of a full-scale invasion and its implementation in cooperation with Japan. Olha clearly noted that Japan remains an important partner of Ukraine, which does not hide its position and continues to support our state since 2014, when the armed aggression of the russian federation began. During the report, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the peculiarities and aspects of parliamentary diplomacy, but most attention was paid to "Friendship groups" that actively cooperate together to support Ukraine's critical infrastructure, especially in the energy sector. Representatives of the Ukrainian "Friendship group" had a great opportunity to communicate with representatives of the Japanese parliament, and also expressed incredible gratitude for the support of Ukrainians from the Japanese people.


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine Matsuda Kuninori was the next to join the discussion with a detailed answer to the question about Ukrainian-Japanese relations. All participants of the international lesson were able to learn about the history of Ukrainian-Japanese diplomacy from a person who personally took part in their establishment and development. Matsuda Kuninori noted that if there is a common enemy next to him, Japan has a clear policy to support Ukraine in the humanitarian, military and technical spheres, and is also actively working to attract other countries that continue to hesitate to choose their position. As it was noted, Japan is interested in spreading its own experience in rebuilding the state after the end of a full-scale war and how to build a safe and successful renewed Ukraine in the future. The distinguished Ambassador stressed that diplomatic assistance will not remain only at the level of Ukrainian-Japanese relations, but will continue to be distributed in international organizations.


Participants also had the opportunity to listen to the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan Serhiy Korsunskyi who spoke informatively and in detail about the first reaction and actions of the Ukrainian Embassy in Japan just as everyone learned about the beginning of a full-scale invasion. With the participation of the "Friendship group" of Japan and Ukraine, namely parliamentary deputy Mr. Mori, the first statement was prepared, and it was thanks to it that it was possible to get a mandate to help Ukraine. We managed to meet with a large number of representatives of the parliament, the governors of prefectures of Japan, with the help of which we managed to organize the creation of extremely comfortable conditions for refugees seeking salvation in Japan. Mr. Serhiy also expressed his special admiration and sincere gratitude for the case when the Japanese people supported the strengthening of sanctions, even if it affected their personal lives.


Turning to the questions of the event participants, Matsuda Kuninori highlighted an important issue regarding new features or challenges that have arisen in Ukrainian-Japanese diplomatic relations since the beginning of a full-scale war. As it was noted, this is a completely new experience for Japan, which previously had no similar experience, so now diplomacy has been able to reach a completely new dimension in order to support Ukraine by all possible means. Koval Olha spoke in more detail about educational programs for students, thanks to which Ukrainian students have the opportunity to get an education in Japan. It was also noted that it was possible for refugees to continue their education despite the differences in education systems between countries. Then the participants expressed considerable interest in the issue of joint programs for the recovery of Ukraine after the victory. Serhiy Korsunskyi assured that now almost every company forms groups to restore our state in the future with the responsibility and clarity inherent in the Japanese. Noting the interest of the participants, the ambassador also added that educational interaction is constantly developing and moving forward at an incredible pace. By supporting his colleague and taking the floor, the Honourable Sir Matsuda Kuninori in his turn, also assured that Japan has chosen one of the important areas of assistance to ensure the speedy demining of Ukrainian territories for the safe return of Ukrainians home.   



After observing a minute of silence for those killed as a result of the terrorist actions of the russian federation, each participant was able to enjoy the song "How can I not love you my Kyiv" performed by a group of Japanese children to express support for the Ukrainian people.


Summing up, we would like to emphasize that during the meeting, a large number of important issues related to Ukrainian-Japanese relations and prospects for future development in various fields were revealed. The lively and informative presentation made everyone plunge headlong into these challenges and gave them the opportunity to feel their own presence personally next to the distinguished guests. 



Anastasia Kutsolabska,
3rd year student of the specialty "International relations,
public communications and regional studios"


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