Natalia M. KOSTRYTSYA, head of the department of journalism and speech communication, has passed away

3 березня 2023 року


An irreparable loss for the family of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy
and our entire university
. On March 03 at the age of 52, the heart of 

Natalia Mykolaivna KOSTRYTSYA stopped beating

  Natalia Mykolaivna devoted 27 years to the University, weaving her talent, energy, and experience into the canvas of university life.
  Having God's spark, she chose the pedagogical path. A true patriot, a connoisseur of her native language, her scientific activity was directed to the development of methods of teaching the Ukrainian language in Ukrainian universities. Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, made a significant contribution to linguoculturology, ethno-linguistics, was well-known and respected in scientific circles.
 However, she never stopped there, I was open to new beginnings. Natalia Mykolaivna was at the origins of the specialty "Journalism" at our university. Having the talent of a manager, in 2018 she headed the department of journalism and language communication.
 She was an example of a modern woman – refined, intelligent, respectable, sympathetic and sincere.

We express our sincere condolences to the family and share their grief.
We understand the bitterness of the loss of all those who knew, loved and respected Natalia Mykolaivna

Bright be memory!

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