Educational front ... Year of invincibility…

1 березня 2023 року


The issue of education in Ukraine today is a question of our president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi noted in his new year's address to the Ukrainian people, "There are no small things in a big war. Each of us is a warrior. Each of us is the foundation of defense." Indeed, after the deployment of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, it has become extremely important and necessary for Ukrainian society to keep the educational front in good shape.
As the saying goes, "Times are not chosen by anyone, anyone lives and dies in them.".. And each of us is well aware that it is the new generation of citizens who will have to rebuild Ukraine after its victory.

Therefore, while Ukrainian defenders defend our independence, statehood, historical and national identity and the inalienable right of the Ukrainian nation to exist, lecturers should support and work in an orderly manner on their own front... and it is teachers, in such a difficult time, who have to remember and talk a lot about the historical past of our state, highlighting and commenting on the parallel of the main world events of our time, the absurdity of whose actions sometimes cannot always be explained…

War is a difficult challenge for education and science ... war is a difficult challenge for all spheres of human existence ... Teachers and lecturers are important especially now... And the future and further development of our state will depend on how scientists, Ukrainian patrons and international partners will be able to help the younger generation gain access to quality education. For all Ukrainians, 2022 was not an easy year...a year that was marked by pain, air alarms, explosions, losses, but at the same time it is a year of mutual support and unprecedented unity ...

Many representatives of the teaching staff and students are now in different circumstances (some are in the occupied territories, some have no connection at all for a certain period of time, some are within Ukraine, some have left abroad) ...Military operations and constant threats of missile strikes significantly complicate the educational process.. Teachers and students have to adapt to emergency conditions and make certain adjustments to the educational process, but despite all the obstacles created by the Russian invaders, the sphere of education and science in Ukraine holds on, lives and continues to develop…

The learning process has not only strengthened and continues to strengthen the new generation, but also helps them adapt to completely new realities. According to representatives of science and education of Ukraine, a certain part of the country's universities have plans to gradually, gradually return to offline learning, taking into account security measures, because the format of "online learning" cannot and should not remain in Ukraine forever.that is why, despite huge difficulties, teachers do not stop there, but continue to work , realizing that every minute, every second devoted to education is a significant contribution to the victory of Ukraine not only today, but also decades after the war.

The priority task of a teacher today (during full-time and part-time studies at Ukrainian universities under martial law) should be to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, mutual assistance, respect and love for everything Ukrainian, promote self-realization of each student, create safe conditions for all participants in the educational process. Now Ukraine and our Armed Forces have really become an example for the whole world of how to fight for your own, defend your national identity, the values of human freedom and dignity.

Never, no one and nothing will defeat our sincere, real and best Homeland... Teachers protect our state with their work every day, because everyone today has their own front, everyone is in their place... once again we are convinced: all the strength is in people and for the teaching staff, the most important thing today is to calmly, clearly and carefully continue to fulfill their mission – to teach, learn and pass on knowledge to the next generations - those who follow us!glory to Ukraine!


Velychko I. H.,
lecturer of the department of English philology

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