Creative meeting with Christopher Miller at the Kyiv school of diplomatic arts

11 лютого 2022 року


February 09, 2023 lecturers, postgraduates and students of the department of international relations and social sciencesof the faculty of humanities and pedagogyofNULES of Ukraine by invitation of the Kyiv school of diplomatic arts in the format of a zoom Webinar, attended a lecture-presentation of the book Christopher Miller "The chip War: The Battle for the world's most important technology"Ch. Miller is a Ph. D. in international history from the Fletcher School of law and diplomacy at Tufts University, a visiting fellow of Gean Kirkpatrick at the American enterprise institute, and director of Eurasia at the Institute for foreign policy studies.


The book combines history, the latest technologies, economics and geopolitics and already has positive reviews from well-known experts in various fields of knowledge.
The author expressed the innovative idea that microchips are the new oil-a scarce resource on which the modern world depends, military, economic and geopolitical forces are built on computer chips, everything from rockets to microwave ovens, smartphones and the stock market — runs on semiconductors. Silicon chips are at the heart of all modern digital technologies, but only a few companies are able to produce them as well as the precise nanometer-scale tools needed to make them, making the industry a "triumph of efficiency," Miller indicates, but also creating a "stunning vulnerability". The book traces the development of chips, from their invention in America in the 1950s, to the creation of a global supply chain centered in East Asia. Today, almost all advanced processor chips are manufactured in Taiwan. China spends more money on importing chips than any other product, and invests billions in a chip-making initiative to seize U.S. leadership. And the transfer of control over the industry can radically change the global economic and political order.
Today's meeting received a lot of positive feedback from students, postgraduates, teachers: "current problems of our time are being raised", "meeting with outstanding personalities", "the meeting is very interesting, thank you for the invitation", "improvement in learning English", "communication with native speakers", "useful to listen", "important for understanding the modern international environment".
Therefore, we look forward to new interesting and fruitful meetings with great impatience and hope!


 Natalia Kravchenko,
associate professor of the department of international relations and social sciences,
Sofia Kovalyova, Anastasia Zhuravel, Dmytro Ivanchuk,
students of the MV-21001b group

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