Learn and work hard for Victory!

7 лютого 2022 року


 This was the leitmotif of the meeting of the department of cultural studies, which took place on the eve of the new academic semester, on February 2.


The head of the department Iryna Maydaniuk reported on the challenges facing the university staff and the need for an organized start of the academic semester. Iryna Zinoviivna was added by the instructor Olena Nevmerzhytska (she analyzed the occupancy rate of TMC in the disciplines taught at the department, said that all teachers switched to corporate mail and introduced new students to training courses).

Prospects of scientific activity were outlined by the associate professor Iryna Sydorenko, international – by associate professor Yaryna Puzyrenko, career guidance work – by the instructor Vladyslavf Chaika and senior lecturer Natalia Titenko.

lecturers and specialists of the department paid special attention to the preparation for the 125th anniversary of the University, their proposals to the training plan made the professor of the departmentRoman Rudyi, associate professor Viktor Kavun, specialists Anzhelika FedorenkoOleksandr TretyakIryna Gedz, head of laboratories Iryna Lytvynenko.

"We will start the semester and spend it as successfully as possible, and we will bring the victory closer with our work," the departments are sure. 

Iryna Maydanyuk, head of the department of cultural studies

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