NULES of Ukraine has taken the 4th place among educational institutions of Ukraine according to the international rating Webometrics-2023

2 лютого 2022 року


The NULES of Ukraine has improved its position in the international ranking Webometrics. Compared to the rating for 2022, where the University ranked eighth, in the current list of HEE of Ukraine, our institution took the 4th place.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the assessment methodology, these positive changes occurred thanks to the hard and painstaking work of the rector's office and the educational team. Under martial law, during the year, the information portal and other sites of the university by the hands of specialists of the educational and scientific-methodological departments, the Scientific Library, the research part responsible for filling the pages of departments of faculties and TEI weekly updated hundreds of pages of information, loaded scanned materials, covered events on the pages of departments and quoted them in social networks.

After all Webometrics Ranking of World Universities - this is a ranking system of World Universities based on a complex indicator that takes into account both the volume of web content (the number of web pages and files) and the visibility and impact of these web publications in accordance with the number of External Internal Links (site quotes) that they received.

The purpose of the rating is to improve the presence of educational and research institutions in the network and promote the publication of scientific results in the public domain. In fact, this is a tool that helps to promote the educational and scientific activities of our university, where the contribution of each member of the team is important. Therefore, it is important to continue the strategy of filling our information resources in the future – from news departments on the official website to calls for these publications in the profiles of university employees in various social networks.

The best universities publish millions of pages created by dozens of departments and services, hundreds of research groups, and thousands of scientists. A strong online presence informs you about a wide range of areas of activity that are clearly related to the global image of an educational institution.

The fourth step among Ukrainian universities is not just another indicator for history, but a high assessment of the active activity of the rector's office, research and teaching staff, postgraduates and students.

For more information about the rating's statistical materials, please visit the link.


Dmytro Kasatkin,
Secretary of the educational and methodological Council

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